A Spiritual Revolution: The Necessity of Peace

I’d like to explore the idea of peace being an absolute and essential aspect of humanity’s spiritual revolution.

A friend brought up the fair point that a massive amount of awakening individuals arising and standing up to the current power structures in place could potentially herald violence. As I said in a previous writing, the very idea of a violent revolution or one attained in anything other than peaceful ways is not the type of revolution I wish to help incite.

I’m ready to go against the curve, to take the road less traveled and be a part of a revolution enacted in peaceful ways, rather than violent ones. When we can understand just what we can accomplish as a united, collective body, our strength in numbers will be too apparent for the need for violence to even arise, in my opinion.

Of course, we’ll need to coherently organize the various factions of the overall revolution we wish to ignite, to see that violence doesn’t arise and the actions of those who’ve awakened don’t get out of hand. Continue reading