Higher and Higher – A Song by Wes Annac

This is a song I wrote, which I call ‘Higher and Higher’. I wrote the guitar, bass and lyrics, but I had to record the bass part with my guitar because my bass isn’t functional at the moment. The drumbeat used can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wLaNYTJ7Khk


You cannot hide from what’s inside
The pain will rise, confront it try
To release those pains, just take it slow
Just let them know it’s time to go
We know on a level so deep, all is inside no need for sleep
In realms so pure tough me will weep, almighty rules, wicked men reap
The fruit of what they sowed, long time coming, their mind control
It rages so deep, but their plans won’t be completed

Higher and higher, we are climbing
Lighter and lighter, we’re arriving
So many trials all mixed in
To a false matrix, and as we exit this, the freedom bells start chiming

So what to do with all this pain
And is our world somewhat to blame
Or can all of this be explained
From a new perspective, awareness claimed
We understand the secrets of this game
Disconnection from the Source, we can show the way
Offer hope for the sleepy souls who’ve gone astray
The perils of this world they are not here to stay
A force for all that’s good and right will finally seize the day

Deeper and deeper we all travel
We don’t encounter the reaper, no, we unravel
All of the secrets of the laws of love as we all seek
To know ourselves and bring an end to this world’s misery

Because we aren’t all just here to survive
We’re here to feel, we’re here to strive
We’re here to love and share our light
To save the earth, take back our rights
Some of them might think we’re too naïve
Conditioned ones full of critique
Openness often condemned, yet we stay strong, spread the word, now let free spirits be

Because receptive minds will start to lead
Directing the awakened scene
Detecting the presence of evil, planting the seeds
Of all that’s good in right in the youth, they’ll be running things
Violence will not rule the streets when knowledge hits the communities
Keep the creative channel open
Feel the vibes, no need for slowing
Down when we can now get going
Time and patience are essential
Pick up the pencil, find your potential
Stay open, your heart is growing
Now let your love flow in

(Last verse repeated.)

From Here – A Song by Wes Annac

I’d recommend either listening without headphones or keeping them turned down. Lyrics below.

This is an original song, and I wrote the lyrics, guitar and bass parts. I’m a beginner when it comes to music, and I like to write and play as a hobby. This is one of my favorite songs to play, and I hope you enjoy it.

The drumbeat I used for this video can be found here: http://tinyurl.com/ztmflpj


We want
Every one of us
To reconnect with our essence
We’ll do
Except learn all of the lessons
‘Cuz living in this place
Can be so strange
The time we must all take
To meditate
Fire’s burning anyway
The demons they can’t stay
Try to take us all away
But we are free, we are not slaves

So why do we all tend to feel so separated
From what, we can’t even claim to know
So surreal, this place we’re living in
There is so much hate but somehow we can still learn and grow
We are reconnecting with our essence
This requires strength and grace, requires patience
Resurrecting our love and innocence
We pick up the pace, make new arrangements

Everything is cool when we are up on our cloud
How can anything go south when we’re just hanging around
No care for tomorrow, how everything will turn out
But it hurts when we fall down
If we stay aware, refuse to fall from grace
We won’t be up or down but we won’t cease to amaze
Ourselves or anyone else who watches as we play
With a new mindset, we let the scars fade away
We don’t have to try so hard to enjoy this life
All we have to do is let resistance go as we strive
To make a better world, enjoy harmony with all life
First we have to make sure we’ve found love inside
And we make things so much harder when we fail to understand
That everything would run more smoothly if we all just lent a hand
Let our music out, unchain our talent, show them all we can
Persevere beyond all odds, the world’s heart we expand

So if we work hard, awaken the world to the realities of
Everything the wicked hearts have lied about and covered up
The picture will become so clear, the structures fall we have no fear
Eruptions will be signs to our construction of something we’ve waited for all these long years
The tides will change in favor of the meek, elites will lose their power
When it seems society has finally reached the final hour
Humanity reawakens, we will love ourselves, we will have taken
Back all of our hateful acts, to have peace we will need no persuading

So let us all break the awful spell
That’s trapped our minds and kept us all so confined
It only takes the willingness to excel
To liberate the world, we’ll do it right this time
Lost prophecies revealed and secret files unsealed
Accountable the powers are held, free we all become
Transcend what we think is real so we now know and feel
On a whole new level, prosperity we finally see some

Awareness Diminishes Fear

let-us-not-look-back-in-anger-nor-forward-in-fear-but-around-in-awareness-anger-quoteBy Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness

Are you afraid to take the next step in your work, your relationship or another area of life? Many people who are ready for this next step tend to hesitate, and they stay on the same level they’ve always been at as a result.

We can avoid this by asking ourselves if we’re truly ready to grow and face new challenges, and if we are, facing those challenges head-on. There will be plenty of obstacles, but we can get past them if we keep our goals in mind as well as why we want to advance in the first place. Continue reading

2016: The Year of Transformation


Credit: pinterest.com

By Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness

I don’t know what 2016 means for all of you, but for me, it signals the start of the conscious community’s real work.

Our social and spiritual work each year lays the foundation for what we’ll achieve in the years to come, and since we’ve been able to do so much up to this point, this year can’t help but be active and eventful.

I think the conscious community will become more active this year as we realize how valuable our work is, and we’ll subsequently understand the value of inactivity, which we can practice while keeping an active lifestyle. Continue reading

Musical Wisdom: 5 Inspiring Lyrics from Conscious Reggae Songs

By Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness

Following my post, 5 Things We Can Appreciate About Rastafari, I’d like to share five snippets of inspiring lyrics from conscious reggae artists and groups.

While the purpose of reggae for most Rasta musicians is to express their faith, the topics discussed in reggae music aren’t limited to spirituality and you don’t have to be Rasta to play it. Even the reggae musicians who are Rasta don’t just sing about their faith; they also devote their lyrics to exposing injustice.

Most reggae music is filled with wisdom and good vibes, especially what was given to the world by pioneers of the genre in the sixties and seventies, and I’ll share some of that wisdom here in hopes that it inspires or encourages you. Continue reading

Searching – A Song by Wes Annac

This is a song I wrote, which I call ‘Searching’.

I consider myself a beginner musician, and I’m experimenting with writing and recording songs. I wrote (and performed) the lyrics and the guitar and bass parts, and the drumbeat I used from YouTube user Lumbeat can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9U3RG0JU4Ds

The quality isn’t great, but I did my best with the equipment I have available.


The wicked souls they laugh oh as they plunder the earth
The masses blinded to their crimes, we set them free with our words
The revolutionaries of our time will spearhead the purge
Of prejudice and selfishness, rebuild the earth now we all urge
Everyone can take a stand, reclaim their deeper awareness
Now is not the time to slack off or to become careless
‘Cuz we are fighting for the truth, for justice and fairness
So come on board and don’t give up, in the long run we will win this

Everyone is searching for something they can’t seem to find
They want to be worthy, to prove themselves to their own kind
But the days of competition have reached their end
We are now in a new position, we have nothing more to defend
Nothing more to defend

Expand your heart and mind, in this new space you will climb
To new heights as you exit the rigid confines
Of a limited existence filled with pain, fear, and lies
Replace it with a new perspective on your life
It’s only difficult when we operate from fear
We fail to understand that what we need has always been here
The new world that we seek is not even close or near
We’ve had it all along without the eyes to see or the ears to hear

Everyone is searching for what they already own
Convinced that they are worthless, talents they fail to hone
Now let’s do away with this, let’s now find our true home
Connect with the intuition, knowledge and talent we show
Knowledge and talent we show

Let love awaken every mind and heart
For we can now all rise and come together
Each and every one of us, we can all play our part
As we join hands we will make it through any bad weather

So rise up earthly tribe, the powers can’t control our flow, we’ve arrived
On this world to bring society into the light
And as we do our work, the angels watching with a smirk
Because they know we have the power to make everything alright
Rise up everyone, our greatest work has just begun
And we can dethrone the elitists, they don’t see this, they don’t know our plan
They think that they’re infallible, but their new order’s malleable
The people are now cowards, we have power and together we will force their hand

Music Can Show the Way

Credit: Shankarramani.com

By Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness

If you read my articles often, you probably know that I think music is one of the most spiritual things we can enjoy. I have reggae music to thank for this opinion, and I’ve always been impressed by how Rastas and other spiritual musicians impart their perspectives and philosophies into their music.

No matter how we feel about life and spirituality, if we practice music in conjunction with meditation or another form of consciousness exploration, it can help us elevate our consciousness while filling us with a sense of excitement and eternal enjoyment.

Music harnesses the sacred power of sound to help us raise our vibration, and like meditation or anything else, all it takes to get the most out of it is commitment. Not only will we get better and better if we play continuously – we’ll also increase our reception to music’s spiritual properties. Continue reading