The Ascended Masters: You’ll Find the Mastery We’re Known For


-Channeled through Wes Annac-

Every lesson you’re being given is ultimately designed to help you find the emotions, heart sets and understanding of the higher realms, and we ask you to treat yourselves and those around you with the grace and ease of the Creator; which many of you are beginning to find yourselves able to do with increased ease.

This is because the pure energies delivering your ascension, which you are absorbing and assimilating unto yourselves with fervor yet grace, are settling upon your perspective and helping you to understand and see the Divinity of every single moment of the infinite and glorious Now.

The Now and the energy of the Now are being increasingly understood by a plethora of awakening souls, and the mental desire to fight, rebel or spark argument is derived from a desire not to experience the infinite calm of the moment of Now.

Ego will fight very hard against your establishing of spirituality and understanding, as the lower, mental mind has thrived in the unawareness that has temporarily shielded your minds and hearts. Continue reading

Astral Travels: Blessing the 9-to-5


The following was written for the ongoing “astral travels” section of The Aquarius Paradigm Weekly Newsletter.

(Note: This week’s exercise is longer than usual. Be forewarned!)

This week, we are going to travel to the surface of our fifth dimensional New Earth to bless representations of the people on our world stuck in the daily trudge of 9-to-5 living.

What I mean is that we are going to bless the unawakened souls who are stuck within the confines of a daily job which, in many cases, keeps them from being able to awaken as they are stuck in a fashioned and conditioned environment for most of their time.

The aim of this exercise is certainly not to discourage having a physical job that requires one to be in an office or a similar place, for as long as the old third dimensional paradigm is still being enforced than an inflow of this little illusory thing we call money is still more than necessary and as such, even plenty of awakened souls are forced to trudge on with 3D jobs while also working toward Earth’s Golden Age. Continue reading

A Spiritual Revolution: Getting to Work on Cultivating Peace


RevolutionDuring a communication I was blessed to have with the Pleiadians recently (I’ll admit I channel quite a lot) they discussed a subject that I’d like to explore a bit here. It’s a subject I believe to be immensely-important to our evolution as a species and specifically, to our standing up to the forces of darkness and Creating a society more in the interests of every sovereign human being.

The subject they discussed was peaceful, spiritual revolution.

I’ve already begun to discuss this subject with my previous writing on it, though the term I used was “humanity’s spiritual uprising”. As both terms essentially describe the same thing, I’d like to take a look at the very idea of rising up as an awakened collective body and asserting ourselves to the current power structures in place.

The term “revolution” is quite powerful.

If one looks at how plenty of revolutions have been started in our past, one sees that, in many cases, war has been involved, be it war derived from the people standing up to their oppressors, or from the oppressors inciting false revolutions in an effort to gain more control over the people when encouraging revolution. Continue reading

SanJAsKa and the Pleiadian High Council: Pure Love Creates and Sustains Your Realities


-Channeled through Wes Annac-

Note: It’s my twentieth birthday today (May 27). I give this message from the Pleiadians with exuberant happiness and Love. :) 

The awakening of the collective of humanity is proceeding quite marvelously, though we know that it does not seem to be so from the point of view of those of you who continue to struggle. We ask you to stand strong in your efforts, dear souls, for the Divine is much closer than you would readily believe and we are, in fact, with every one of you right now.

We feel such a strong Love for the awakening collective of humanity and indeed, for all of Creation.

We feel the strongest Love and desire to assist you along your personal and collective evolution processes because truly, what you are doing is unprecedented. You are allowing a planet whose surface has been brimming with negativity for far too long to find the Light and find ascension as a result, and your efforts up to this point have been more than needed.

This is because every single Earth soul is feeding their thoughts and emotions into a grid of energy, which has been discussed before. You are feeding your thoughts and feelings into the collective consciousness, and what you manifest comes as a result of those thoughts and feelings.

This is why we encourage positivity and Love in all endeavors because truly, those emotions and energies will not steer you wrong. Continue reading

Preview: The Aquarius Paradigm Weekly Newsletter 44th Issue – The Channeled Bits and a Reader’s Question

The following is a preview of The Aquarius Paradigm Weekly Newsletter, which we’re offering for $11.11 a month. This Newsletter makes up the basis of our income and sees we are able to get by and for anyone whose interested, the option to subscribe will be given below.

Hello dear friends, and welcome to the forty-fourth issue of The Aquarius Paradigm Weekly Newsletter.

This week, I will discuss an unsurprising admission from the “discoverer” of ADHD.

We will also absorb an update from SanJAsKa; we will bless representations of people stuck in 9-to-5 ways of Living during our astral travels; and I will answer a reader’s question about purging the influence of lower entities when connecting with one’s higher self. Continue reading

Wedding Bells (Updated – Saturday)

Update on Saturday: I had planned to give a Pleiadian message today, but I’ve decided to go ahead and rest after the hectic (but wonderful) time that has been this past week. Some posts have been given today on The Aquarius Paradigm, and I expect to be back at full-speed tomorrow.

Much Love all, and many thanks for the well wishes.

Wes 🙂

Thank you all so much for the immense outpouring of well-wishes my (now) wife and I have received!! We’ve spent the past three days hectically throwing together the quickest, cheapest wedding ceremony we possibly could (the free park we used for the ceremony was just beautiful!) and I have to say, it went off without a hitch. There was a lot of family at our thrown-together ceremony to wish us well and while a plethora of things could have went wrong, nothing did!

PocahontasBrandy and I are in considerably-high spirits this morning, though I regret that I will have to be out yet again today so that we can get a laundry list of tasks taken care of; one of which is to head up to our local county courthouse to turn in the paper that will make our marriage legally “official”.

As long as nothing else comes up, I will be back posting as usual tomorrow and will give a message from the Pleiadians as well. I also plan to continue and, in fact, increase the uprising/revolution-based writings I feel it a new facet of my mission on this world to give; as I, like many of you, are ready for real and positive outer change to manifest on this dear Earth.

For now, we thank you all again from the bottom of our One Heart for the outpouring of Love and support we have been given. I’ll be back tomorrow!

Much Love all,

Wes 🙂



For reasons related to having both of our names on the house we are purchasing, my fiancé (PocahontasBrandy) and I are getting legally married today. We’re holding off on a big ceremony for money-related reasons but when the time is right and money is not an issue, we plan to have that big ceremony. Who knows – maybe we can invite all of you by that time! 🙂

I wanted to let you all know that I will be out today because of this.

Much Love all!

Wes 🙂

The Hathors of Earth’s Solar Astral Planes: Ascension Effects, A Rapid Evolution and Fourth Dimensional Growth


-Channeled through Wes Annac-

Your conscious experience as you go about it is sustained upon a frequency of reality. The specific octave of consciousness you exist upon breeds an equally-specific type of experience, and as you rise in consciousness you find the density around you growing lighter and lighter.

You will find yourselves beginning to weigh less as you go about your physical ascension processes, and one of the initial symptoms you will notice when your perceptions are kicked into a noticeably high gear will be the seeming weightlessness of your form. Your experiences will brim much more with joy and synchronicities than they do even currently and in general, you will find your moods very easy to lighten.

You will find yourselves sparkling with exuberant, Divine energy and you will attach an energy to yourselves that is recognizable in a plethora of pregnant women who seem to be “glowing” when taking in a new Life and a new soul which, in your most recent decades, will have (likely) come from the higher realms to help the Earth find Her ascension and to help Her collective awaken in time for such an ascension. Continue reading