The Formless Creator, Experiencing Itself


After channeling some information from the Hathors about sacred geometry, a subject I admittedly know little about, as well as reading some of the channeled messages posted today (April 29) I’m finding myself growing into a greater realization of how the infinite and formless has devolved so to speak, down into the finite and formed.

I don’t mean to use the term “devolved” in a negative way as indeed, we have come from the realms of intelligent infinity (to borrow that phrase from the dear collective of RA) to experience an orchestrated illusion we were to temporarily believe was reality.

It’s been said for a long time that we are the Creator, experiencing ourselves in a more distorted form for the purpose of knowing ourselves in a greater way and while that’s a good sentiment, it is also a much realer and deeper truth than I have ever fathomed during this short Life on Earth, until right now. Continue reading

The Pleiadian Council of Nine: The Influence of the Light is Growing in Every Moment


-Channeled through Wes Annac-

Your mainstream media will still not yet report the progress humanity as a collective is making with the purging of the dark souls from your collective society and influence, and this is because such media is still largely owned by those individuals.

You will find in the time ahead that free press is an absolute and just as will be so with your governments, souls in your mainstream media who display malevolent or service-to-self-based agendas will be kindly taken away from their positions and, depending on what their higher selves and their guides wish for them personally, will perhaps be rehabilitated of the negativity that would drive a malevolent perspective. Continue reading

Astral Travels: Visualizing and Manifesting Disclosure


The following was written for the ongoing “astral travels” section of The Aquarius Paradigm Weekly Newsletter. Option to subscribe ($11.11 a month) will be given below. (Subscribe button does not have to be included in reposts.)

This week, I would like to change our astral exercise up a bit and introduce a visualization intended to aid in the manifestation of disclosure.

We’ve been told for quite a while that our collective and individual visualization and manifestation powers are stronger than we could possibly know at this point, and many of the astral exercises we perform are intended to help the cleansing we are bringing forth during such exercises to manifest in our physical reality. It is so very important for us to use the natural abilities we are finding within ourselves as our perceptions of them grow, and I have a feeling that our visualization and manifestation practices will be garnering more results than we would perhaps expect.

I’m going to recommend easing into a light meditation for the duration of this exercise. I’m going to take a few deep breaths myself before beginning it, and finding a deep yet light enough state of consciousness is recommended for this visualization, as we will increase the power of what we are doing if we achieve a certain deep state of consciousness. Continue reading

Special Preview: The Aquarius Paradigm Weekly Newsletter 40th Issue

The following is a special preview of the fortieth issue of The Aquarius Paradigm Weekly Newsletter, which we offer for $11.11 a month. To hit forty issues is quite a milestone indeed, and we are celebrating by giving the full “Weekly News” and “Channeled Updates” for this week. We also need subscribers quite desperately at present, as anybody who follows my personal updates knows that my family and I are about to be getting into a home of our own and will need the proper income to be able to survive.

If you find this Newsletter resonates and you find yourself in a good financial situation; every subscription is greatly needed and appreciated, and the option to subscribe will be given below. 

Hello dear friends, and welcome to the fortieth issue of The Aquarius Paradigm Weekly Newsletter.

This week, I will discuss the world premiere of the documentary Sirius, as well as the recent investigation by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) into the offshore tax havens of the rich.

We will also absorb messages from SanJAsKa and the Hathors of Earth’s Solar Astral Planes; we will perform a visualization intended to aid in disclosure during our astral travels; and I will give a general guide to help one along one’s path of awakening, as per a reader’s question. Continue reading

Transmuting Cabal-Instated Barriers

In a recent chat I had with them, the Pleiadians spoke about the difference between the instated “veil of forgetfulness” humanity currently exists under, and the veils and barriers purposefully set in place by the cabals and by lower astral forces who have wanted us only to feed our energy to them so that they can sustain themselves with negative and dense energies.

Some would call those astral beings “Archons” but as I’ve said before, that term gives a bit of a “negative ET” vibe that could be more hurtful than helpful for the ET truth movement. There are genuinely positive and spiritual, evolved Galactic beings actively assisting us in our evolution but in my opinion, their image has been muddied with “Archon” talk.

However, I have no desire to separate myself from those with “Archon” beliefs and only bring them up because of the aforementioned veils and barriers being purposefully kept in place by lower astral beings (who I do not believe are extraterrestrial) and by some of the descendants of the cabal heads.

Again, there is a very real difference between those barriers and the “veil of forgetfulness” we have instated for ourselves to learn and grow under. What’s interesting about both of these veils is that they can help us along our soul growth. Continue reading

The Pleiadian Council of Nine: An Entire Paradigm of Secrecy is About to be Shattered


-Channeled through Wes Annac-

Greetings, dearest souls, I am SanJAsKa speaking for our Council of Nine. You continue to make the strides and progress that you are becoming famous for, and as the Earth experience tests your faith and resolve we note the overall enlightenment so many of you are beginning to find not just in yourselves, but in those around you who are beginning to respond quite favorably to the energies and perceptions you’re uncovering.

As you unlock new perceptions and find yourselves able to radiate the resulting energies, every single soul around you benefits from your Light in their own specific and individual ways and for many of them, it will take and has taken quite a long amount of your concept of time for the energies you’re introducing to their perspective to settle in and begin changing such perspective in a way that will display very clearly to you, the effect your Light is having. Continue reading

Updated: It’s Happened! Our Offer Has Been Accepted

(Better picture of the front coming soon)029

Update: We signed the papers today to finalize things on our end, and it will be one to two weeks until the paperwork is done on the other end and we can begin looking for an inspector for the house, etc. After we hear back in a week or two, we will have around 45 days to get necessary inspections done and to do anything else that will be needed and after that time, we will pay the closing costs and likely receive the key to the house.

We are excited indeed, but we are admittedly a little worried we may end up over our head financially when it comes to repairs and things that will need to be done when we formally receive the house (a bit of a third dimensional fear I admit). I am continuing to release financial attachment while knowing that things will work out accordingly if they are meant to, and the level of assistance we have already received has shown us that miracles are more than possible, as have plenty of other things.

We are still asking those who are in a good financial situation to contribute if it feels right, and as goes without saying, every contribution is grealty needed and greatly, greatly appreciated. (Donations can be given via the “Contribute: Donations” button on the right hand side of The Aquarius Paradigm blogsite, and can be sent to my paypal address,

028(Right: Better picture of the back yard coming soon)

Every one of you have our full Love and appreciation, and we are still reeling over the fact that this is truly happening. What was initially disappointment over losing the first house we had sewn so much of our Love into, turned into a great opportunity for catalytic growth and now, it seems that every bit of Love we and you gave alike was sent right down the street! (Oh yes, I may not have mentioned – this house is right down the road from the first one we bidded on.)

I could truly never express how much you readers have uplifted and assisted us, as I can quite honestly say that this would not have happened without you (nor without some dear family who have helped us as well). I will forever feel grateful for every one of you and as I’ve said before, can only hope that the published works I offer from this point on can serve as compensation for the miracle you have largely helped bestow upon us.

I’m sure an opinion will be or has been offered concerning this matter claiming the whole thing to be a scam for money or something similar, and I can only speak from the heart in saying that I would not be asking for assistance in the first place were it not incredibly needed. I have never wanted to have to ask for money despite the situation my family and I have been in, because I recognize that this situation has been necessary and has been a result of my desire to serve the Light rather than working away or trying to be a part of an illusory “American dream”.

I have only ever wanted to give and not to receive, but sometimes opportunities present themselves that require one to stick one’s neck out a bit and do things one would not otherwise do. This has been the case for my family and I and again, I can only say from my heart that I have no desire to steal, scam, or swindle anybody out of their hard-earned money. Certainly, nobody who has donated seems to feel “swindled” and in fact, every one of you have been incredibly understanding, Loving and supporting. For that, you have our purest gratitude. 🙂

We’ll be offering a couple pictures of the house as soon as they are uploaded to the computer, so you dear readers can see the pictures and feel the good vibrations we have felt from the house and the back yard. This update will stay at the top of the page for a few days, and will eventually be replaced with a message or writing from or through yours truly. 🙂

Much Love all!

Wes 🙂 🙂

Dear friends, thanks in large part to the incredible assistance you have given us, our offer in the house I have been discussing has been accepted. It hasn’t “hit” us yet but when it does, we will be absolutely overjoyed! I’m already gaining excitement as I write this.

We’re going right now to sign papers, and I’ve been unable to give posts from Golden Age of Gaia today as we are in a hurry. Thank you so much to everyone who’s kept us in your thoughts and prayers – it’s finally happened!

I’ve given a message from the Pleiadian Council of Nine today, that can be found in the Recent Posts.

Update: Boy, has this morning (April 24th) been hectic. We awoke to find the back driver-side tire on my car flattened for the second time in three days by somebody loosening the valve stem, so we had to go get that taken care of this morning as well as other errands related to the house we may hopefully get. I am exhausted already, and am just making it to The Aquarius Paradigm at noon to give posts.

As of yet, we have not heard back on whether the counter-offer given by the bank (which we have met) has been accepted.

For background on this, see “Personal Update: Looking at Another Home” at:

And it’s update:


Those of you who have followed my personal updates closely know that my family and I have been trying to get out on our own and have come very close recently to being able to get into our own home, largely with the help of you dear readers. While we were outbidded on by investors and were unable to buy the first house we made offers on, my previous two personal updates have been about a recent house we have looked at down the street from the first one that we made an offer on yesterday.

We’ve just been informed that the bank has not accepted our offer, but has made a counter offer of over $2,000 more. It seems that we will be able to meet this counter offer with the funds we currently have, but it is truly everything we have and will bleed us quite dry (we were hoping for and counting on being able to set some money aside for necessary expenses).

I am not complaining of course, but if we are to do this than we will need to be able to have funds for closing costs, repairs that need done, etc. and so we are again asking anyone in a good financial situation who can help out, to offer your support if it feels right. Donations can be sent via the “Contribute: Donations” button on the right hand side of The Aquarius Paradigm blogsite, which I wil again move closer to the top so it is easier to see, or to my paypal address:

I am speaking from a place of calmed excitement as it seems that this could actually work out for us, and my family and I will be able to get into a place of our own which has been more than needed for a very long time. Our relatives have been ready for us to move along for quite a while, and what has happened for us tonight could indeed be a miracle if we can raise the funds to be able to cover the rest of the expenses that will be related to the house. If not, than it could turn against us.

As it stands, after making this offer we won’t have funds for the necessary repairs that need done or for a plethora of other things. I truly don’t enjoy asking for financial assistance, though I’m sure I’ve made it seem otherwise as of late. I’m simply offering the Universe a conduit to help provide the financial assistance required for a massive undertaking such as getting out on one’s own, and if any of you out there can offer your assistance than it will be greatly appreciated and very, very needed.

We’re truly hoping and praying this works out for us, as we very much need it to. Thank you so very much to everybody who has already contributed, as we could not have gotten to this point if it were not for you all.

Much Love,

Wes 🙂