Happy Easter, from Wes Annac & Family

Happy Easter to everyone reading this who will be celebrating today. With every holiday comes much collective focus and joy, and we can magnify the positive vibrations being emanated by so many today by learning to treat ourselves and those around us with Love, warmth and kindness. We are Co-Creating a new paradigm based in the interests of each one of us and on days like this, it is good to reflect upon what has been established and built-upon while celebrating good times with family, as we prepare ourselves to face the next challenges that our collective evolution and our building of Nova Earth will have for us.

Take some time to sit and Be in the energies of this day, if it feels pertinent to do so.

With so very much Love,

Wes & Family 🙂


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The Galactic Federation Manuscript with SanJAsKa – Part 3


Continued from Part 2

Advanced Technology Kept from Humanity

SanJAsKa specifically is, again, a fifth dimensional aspect of my overall higher self and as such, I feel quite close to this soul in energy. Though this may not be the method utilized by other races or Councils of the Galactic Federation who speak through other scribes, the connection I feel with this soul is utilized as the group’s energies are brought through SanJAsKa, as is outlined below.

We are also reminded below that our governments have known about much of the technology we have been and will be discussing, and that they have proven uninterested in releasing such technology to humanity.

“Our scribe is close with me in energy and this is why I am utilized to bring a communication forth through him and in many cases, I act as a conduit for the collective energies to be expressed through me, and I take those energies and express them through a device that transmits our frequencies down to your dear Earth and specifically, to the energies and hearts of open conduits whose hearts will receive these energies as their minds interpret the communication encoded unto them.

Again, we are constantly sending these communications down, as we are constantly attempting to connect with you dear souls in an ongoing attempt to introduce ourselves to you so that you can work to introduce us to the world. Continue reading

3rd Update: Request for Assistance via Donations

Update #3: We signed the papers to make an offer on the house; dotted the t’s and crossed the i’s last night and we should hear back by Monday on whether or not the bank will take the offer. The offer is quite a few thousand less than the bank is asking for the house (we don’t yet have what they are asking), so we really need everyone to keep us in your thoughts and prayers and help us pull off the miracle-manifestation that will be our offer being accepted.

We are still raising funds; in case the bank doesn’t take the offer and because if they do, there will be a plethora of other expenses surrounding the house (closing costs, etc.) not to mention other house-related things we will need to buy . If you wish to contribute, you can do so via the “Contribute: Donations” button on the top right hand corner of this page or via or paypal address (wesremal@yahoo.com)

Every contribution has been so greatly appreciated and needed and again, we have been sending every contributer and every fellow awakening soul keeping us in your thoughts and prayers the purest Love we could muster up in any given moment. You dear readers have helped us to pull this off more than could have ever been expected and while we are certainly not out of the woods yet, we have only been able to get this close because of each and every one of you who have contributed. Truly, we cannot thank you enough. 🙂 🙂

Update #2: If the bank will take an offer of what we have raised as of yet, we will truly be able to get this house. If they do not, we will have to keep raising funds (we are still raising them just in case they don’t) but we ask every reader to keep us in your thoughts and prayers and to send out the highest and purest possible intention for the bank to take what will be offered rather than refusing it because truly, it will be an incredible and needed miracle if they do and we quite need them to accept the offer.

We are prepared to continue raising funds just in case, and contributions can be sent via the “Contribute: Donatons” button on the top right-hand corner of The Aquarius Paradigm blogsite or directly to our paypal email address (wesremal@yahoo.com) but truly, we are hoping and praying for this to work out. We ask you to pray for us as well or send your Light our way for this miracle of a manifestation to come about, if you’d like. 🙂

More information will continue to become available as more is known and soon, we will have up the latest amount we will still need to go if the bank does not take the offer of what has been raised. We will always and forever thank each donator and each reader keeping us in your thoughts and prayers, as you have all helped us more than could be expressed with words.

We have been sending our Love to each of you individually in appreciation for the assistance you have been able to give us and again, if this truly works out for us than it will have largely been because of you. For that, you have the full appreciation and Love of my family and I, always and forever. 🙂

Update: We are getting ever-nearer toward what we need to really be able to stop Living with relatives and get into this small yet perfect house of our own. Truly, we cannot thank all of the donators enough for your generosity and support, as you are very strongly helping us reach what we need. Though admittedly, we are still not there just yet as currently, we still need between $2,500 and $5,400, depending on if the bank that owns the house would take the lowest offer. If not, than we need the latter number.

Again, we do not want anybody to feel required or “guilt tripped” into contributing, and what has been offered already has been truly miraculous. We thank each donater and recent Newsletter subscriber from the bottom of our hearts, and we thank those of you as well who would contribute if you could, as we ask you to keep us in your thoughts and prayers and send the most positive of intentions our way for the manifesting of this house for us.

If this truly works out (and we think it will) than we will be happy and excited to offer pictures of the house and of course, pictures of us in the house. :)

We will also continue to offer updates on this post in relation to what has been raised and how the situation is looking for us. We truly feel this is meant to be, and those who have and/or will continue to donate and contribute have the full appreciation, gratitude and Love of my family and I, as you are helping us do something that has been more than needed for a very long time (it’s an understatement to say that the relatives we’ve been Living with are just as ready for us to move out as we are).

You guys are helping us more than we would have ever expected and if the support and contributions continue, I very honestly think we will be able to do this, and it will have largely been because of all of you. If for some reason things don’t work out despite the assistance we’ve received (again, we feel they will work out), we will still feel the strongest of appreciation in our hearts for the sheer care and Love we have been shown from you, the dear readers. If any of you reading this wish to contribute, you can do so via the “Contribute: Donations” button in the top right-hand corner of The Aquarius Paradigm blogsite, or you can send donations via paypal to my paypal address, wesremal@yahoo.com.

Oh yes – while I have you here, I’d like to discuss yet another synchronicity surrounding this house that occurred today, which also made us feel that this is meant to be. (There have been a ton of syncs surrounding this house, most of which I haven’t mentioned or discussed.)

We were driving around the neighborhood of the house today, to get a feel for everything and see what was within walking distance, etc. (my child has continued to adamantly request we go to “the blue house”) and just as we drove past the house, we received a text message from the realtor of the house who, honestly, has not seemed to have any service-to-self based intentions in helping us get this house and has actually been quite amazing about the entire thing (I have sensed no dishonesty or personal agenda in this individual, and he seems genuine).

The message we received was along the nature of asking how much we had at this very moment so that he could determine anything he could do to help us afford the house, and he pretty much affirmed that he would like to do anything he can to assist us. We know that a lot of realtors possess personal agendas in trying to get houses sold, but we quite already feel that this house is meant to be (we haven’t needed much convincing), and we have not received any bias from this individual in relation to this house.

The synchronicity was, of course, the fact that we were driving by the house at the exact moment the text message was received, as synchronicites are not always numeric in nature and can really surprise you sometimes.

We thought that some of you dear donators and potential donators would enjoy hearing about yet another synchronicity that has presented itself in relation to this house and again, it seems quite meant to be.

With so very much Love, gratitude and appreciation,

Wes, Brandy and Andrew :):)


No spiritual seeker or writer enjoys requesting money or donations. I’ve previously said that this work is a give and take, and I will always and forever wish to give more than I receive as this mission calls for serving others rather than being served. I have no desire to usurp anybody’s hard-earned money, and the very thought of requesting financial assistance doesn’t seem entirely appealing.

However, developments are occurring in my personal Life and that of my family that are signaling the need for financial assistance of some sort, but only from those who are in a good enough financial situation to contribute. The most significant development has been a drop in price on a house we have been looking at, in which we have invested much faith and many attempts to manifest ourselves being able to afford it (it is quite cheap, and we have lived with relatives for some time, as I’ve said before).

Perhaps you readers would better understand our desire to be able to get this house if I could discuss the numerous synchronicities surrounding it that seem to point toward it being meant to be for us. For instance, the wallpaper displays repeated patterns of a midevil times-looking couple who, interestingly enough, happen to look quite a bit like dear PocahontasBrandy (my fiance) and I.

One of the pictures of these people displays the man playing a midevil guitar-like intstrument for his lady. Even the recent price drop of the house which was a drop of about $2,000, restored our faith that it could be meant to be (as has the fact that it’s a very nice one-bedroom house and is cheap for a house and, after all this time, still has not yet been purchased by anyone else, though it could be at any time).

There is also the fact that my child has only been to the house with us once to look at it and yet, keeps asking us to go back to the “blue house”.

The most amazing synchronicity surrounding this house is the fact that we only know about it in the first place because of an apparent dreamtime encounter that took place between my mother-in-law to be and who she thought was her colleague at work. At the time her “colleague” told her about the house and about her possible desire to buy it herself and flip it if we were not interested in it (apparently some details were given and the name of the street was even given), Brandy’s mother thought the encounter happened in waking time and came to find out when bringing the house back up to her colleague, that the friend had no idea what she was talking about.

The conclusion has been come to that the whole encounter could have only taken place in the dreamtime, and Brandy’s mother is not inherently spiritual in any way, but even she feels that this could be meant to be.

I have put full faith in our manifestation powers and to this moment, we still have very little to be able to afford it. Do not take this appeal as a request for pity, nor as a means to suggest that you must donate or contribute. I can more than understand the delicate and difficult financial situations of the majority of you out there reading this, having experienced them myself.

I am not asking those who can contribute to feel obliged to, because they are not. Currency is energy, and I have offered the Universe a few different outlets to help us pull this manifestation off if it is meant to be. This request for donations is simply one more outlet I am offering and if any reader chooses to use it and contribute, you will have the full gratitude of I and my family and, I would imagine, of the relatives we’ve been Living with for so long!

Truly, we need this to happen for us or we would not feel such a need to request donations. If you would like to contribute, you can do so via the Donation button on the right hand side of this site. You can also send donations to my paypal address: wesremal@yahoo.com.

With much Love and appreciation,

Wes Annac

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The Galactic Federation Manuscript with SanJAsKa – Part 2


Continued from Part 1

Galactic Craft & Government Knowledge

SanJAsKa tells us about the multiple different races of the Galactic Federation, and begins to tell us about the conscious technologies that are the Federations’ starships and Motherships. We are also told of the inhabitance of star and Motherships by higher dimensional souls, and our governments’ knowledge of advanced technology is discussed as well.

“There are a myriad of races comprising the Galactic Federation, and we Pleiadians are one of them. We could not name all of the races who are a part of the Galactic Federation but trust, dear hearts; there are plenty of us and we are all geared toward helping you to ascend.

Our ships are comprised in so many different and unique ways, and you will find that each one of them looks different and retains their own individual form. We exist harmoniously within our Motherships and starships, who are conscious beings who’ve decided to inhabit higher dimensional technology and help us to travel around and mitigate pollution manifested on your dearest Earth, among many other things.

There is so much advanced technology waiting to be discovered and known by you, the sovereign humanity and for the most part, you could have benefitted from this technology nearly a century ago. Indeed, knowledge of our craft and the technology aboard it has been known by many of your governments for so very long and dear scribe, the very computer you are (channeling) this on is comprised of technology that was taken from a Galactic ship.” Continue reading

The Galactic Federation Manuscript with SanJAsKa – Part 1


Written by Wes Annac

I would now like to present, analyze and discuss material concerning the Galactic Federation, sometimes referred to as the Galactic Federation of Light (some hold the belief that the two are different Organizations).

Who is the Galactic Federation?

The Galactic Federation is essentially an Organization comprised of a myriad of races of extraterrestrial and higher dimensional beings who have come together and united in the common goal of serving others, as we will learn below. These beings have found and evolved to the higher states of consciousness we are currently growing toward as a planet, and the Councils from the Pleiades who will be informing us about their Federation and a plethora of other things in this series are comprised mostly of fifth dimensional evolved humans or spirits. Continue reading

Channeled Interview with the Pleiadians: Galactic Bases, Interpreting Higher Dimensional Impressions and Humanity’s Creative Responsibility


The following is an automatic writing-based “interview” with the Pleiadian High Council.

Wes Annac: Greetings on this beautiful day, dear friends. Per your suggestion at the end of our last communication, I would like to ask you about the underground bases of yours we have heard so much about. Are they associated with the Galactic Federation and/or your Councils?

The Pleiadian High Council: With warm greetings and Love to each of you absorbing this communication and to you, our dear scribe, we welcome you to our collective energies, or our “energetic abode”, as you may call it. Indeed, our bases are a part of our Federation and we act from these bases on a plethora of different missions we have set out for ourselves related to the ascension of your Earth and specifically, to the rising of the colony of Atlantis unto the surface of your beautiful planet. Continue reading

Astral Travels: Blessing a Polluted River


416 smallThe following was written for the ongoing “astral travels” section of The Aquarius Paradigm Weekly Newsletter. We are trying to get out on our own at present and dearly need subscribers to be able to do so, and every subscription is greatly appreciated. Option to subscribe will be given below. To those who may repost this – you do not have to include this note, nor the subscribe button at the bottom.

This week, we are going to travel to the surface of our fifth dimensional Earth and as we have been doing, we will be using our blessing abilities to give Light to another representation of lower dimensionality and pollution, which will act as a conduit for our Light to be given to the actual things it is representing.

We have been doing this for quite a few weeks now and while I’ve intended for each weekly exercise to be as unique as possible, I’ve been told that our Lightwork upon our fifth dimensional New Earth is so very needed so that Nova Gaia can be aided along Her descent unto our lower dimensional realities. I’ve been “getting” that our fifth dimensional Earth was largely established around the timeframe of December 21st or rather, we began a very rapid phase of our ongoing growth toward it. Continue reading