The Pleiadian Council of Nine: Gaia’s Energetic Framework is Changing and Transforming

336This message, as well as the previous one from the Pleiadian High Council, was channeled before the 12-21 alignment and while some may not see the material as relavent to where we are currently, I think you will still find it helpful.

Greetings, dearest souls, I am Mariara representing the Pleiadian Council of Nine and we are happy and delighted to be in the vicinity of your energies at this time. Dearest SanJAsKa is usually representing all of our Councils when speaking through this specific scribe, but we are allowing dearest Mariara to speak because this soul is training for the very work performed by SanJAsKa in representing us and our Councils.

The collective of Earth is reaching a very important time in your history, and the pure states of consciousness you are all going to find within yourselves will not be matched by what you experience currently.

You are being led to realize the fluidity of your realities and your clear ability to shape and mold the very energy around you that forms your realities, in ways that suit and fit your needs and we could not be happier to see you dear souls integrate your ability to interact with your realities unto your everyday Lives, and experience the resulting benefits in yourselves.

Your perspectives are shifting and changing and this process has been ongoing, and we are here to help each one of you through your Earthly difficulties by offering our perspectives. We hope to assist you dear souls, as does every other soul in the higher realms who speaks to humanity and offers you advice along your Life paths, and we specifically have helped each one of you in previous Lives to find the enlightenment and knowledge within yourselves that led [and still leads] you toward the higher realms.

We have helped many of you to find enlightenment throughout various time periods in Gaia’s history and while the bulk of what you would recognize as evidence of these contact has been hidden from you, you can still see much in your ancient history’s art that suggests the very real contacts that have taken place on your world throughout various centuries. Continue reading

Internal or External Focus? It is a Balance


Thanks to Konstantinos for his picture “Contact during Meditation”

A reader sends in a great question about where exactly we should put our focus in these changing times. I have said before in previous articles that it is now pertinent for us to put all of our focus within and toward our ascension, rather than solely looking outwardly toward our channeled sources or toward physical events we’ve been told will manifest.

I’ve felt before that a lot of people are putting way too much focus into external events manifesting and into the channeled sources helping us to evolve, and that the ever-important inner-connection has been forgotten.

However, our reader offers a very good question which is essentially: does such a perspective invalidate the help we are being by the Galactics and Celestials? Were we to turn our focus completely inwardly, then should we even follow the impressions of the Galactics or care one bit about external events on our world?

Many of us are here to lift this world up and help impoverished peoples to find abundance and comfort; does solely turning within invalidate this work or somehow take our focus away from it?

Essentially, we are exploring the results of where we put our focus. To discuss both sides of the dualistic pole – were we to keep all of our focus on the external and physical events playing out, we would have less time and energy to focus upon our inner growth; the growth of the soul. We would be constantly scanning material from the next channeled or Earthly source and we would continue to fashion an outer-dependence on channels and external news.

This is something our channeled sources do not want, as they do not want to be painted as “savior” figures and have stated endlessly that it is we who must do the bulk of the work to help our planet rise out of the lower vibrations. Again, our reader’s question was of the nature of such work becoming invalidated if we were to always turn within, which I will discuss as well.  Continue reading

This Endless Experience Continues to Amaze


001smallThe amazing validations of some type of initiation into a purer state of consciousness continue flowing in for me, and I am feeling a general Lightness in my everyday activities. It truly does feel as if things are becoming more refined but make no mistake; I am certainly still following and adhering to a process that exposes still-latent vasanas and things in myself that need to be worked-through. I now begin the process of doing just that as I ready myself for the continual amazing upgrades I’ve experienced during meditation.

I said before the 21st that if my family and I were ready to ascend, I would embrace a sudden ascension on that date. I stand by that statement and it seems that the readiness and belief I personally put in; not in a single date or timeframe but in the overall bolder initiation into that aforementioned purer consciousness, seemed to work for me quite well as I have continued to feel amazing benefits; even on the days that others reported “dark night of the soul” moments and moments of doubt, disbelief, frustration or sheer sadness.

Again – I have indeed been going through such moments myself, but I’ve been going through them in a different manner. Previously I would experience one of those moments, and the energies behind them would stick with me for a very long time because I made little or no effort to work through and transmute them in that very moment, because of the very anger caused by them that was driving me not to!

Lower emotions and energies are very, very sticky. Once they attach themselves to you and are able to shape your perspective, they have you until you can begin that steady uphill climb away from them. Previously, for me this uphill climb was about the hardest thing to do and it felt much easier to simply feed the negativity I’d wanted so badly to get away from. Continue reading

The Pleiadian High Council and SanJAsKa: You are Finding a Galactic Expereince of Enlightenment


307 small-Channeled through Wes Annac-

This message, as well as one from the Pleiadian Council of Nine that will be forthcoming, were channeled before the 12-21 alignment and having been so busy and then wishing to take a rest, I have not been in a position to post them until now. Much is discussed in this message, but it is not entirely current to the “after 12-21” period we are in now. Even still, I thought it to be helpful.

[The Pleiadian High Council speak first.]

We are watching you dear souls undergo your temporary Earth experiences from our Mothership, and from this ship we hold many meetings amongst ourselves and with the rest of the Galactic Federation as well as numerous other Lighted Organizations assisting in the ascension of your world.

Each and every Lighted Federation and Organization who is assisting in the ascension of your world are working together to help see-out such ascension and while we are all doing what we can to help your planetary collective evolve and find the unity and harmony you have always been meant to find, we can only intervene so much and would not want to be seen as interfering with your freewill experience in any way.

This has been one strong reason we have not yet made contacts with your world [in this day and age] and while many may see the perceived lack of physical contact in your current society as “proof” that we somehow do not exist, we ask you took toward the undistorted records of your history and see the personal contacts we have made, as they have been documented throughout the various ancient societies we have contacted in your Earth’s history. Continue reading

Interesting “Moon Halo” [Pictures provided]

My fiance and I noticed this interesting “ring” around the moon as we were coming in tonight. It caught both of us off guard and naturally, we had to take some pictures.


IMG_0142The best physical description I could find for what this amazing sight is comes from

“[A moon halo] means there is a certain type of clouds in the atmosphere, which causes this phenomenon.

You’ve seen pictures of the planet Saturn, surrounded by its system of rings, but would you be surprised if you looked up at night to see a ring around the moon? In fact, it’s sometimes possible to see just this. There’s even a folk rhyme about it: When there’s a ring around the moon, rain or snow is coming soon. Is there really, sometimes, a ring around the moon?

An Optical Illusion Unlike Saturn, which has actual, physical rings, the ring you can sometimes see around the moon is merely an optical illusion. It’s an effect of our own atmosphere that meteorologists call a “halo effect,” because diffracted light rays create a halo around a bright object.

How It Works Moon halos are caused by tiny ice crystals that have gathered twenty thousand feet above the ground, as thin, wispy clouds. These clouds are so thin, you might not notice them at night, if it weren’t for their effect on the moonlight. Incoming light rays from the moon are bent, or diffracted, by these ice crystals at an angle of 22 degrees.

This means that in addition to the direct moonlight, you will also see diffracted moonlight in a circle 22 degrees away from the moon. This is about the distance of your fist, held at arm’s length.

Like a rainbow, this halo can even be slightly colored; red on the inside, and blue on the outside. Yes, it can mean that rain or snow is coming soon. Those high, wispy clouds could be the forerunners of storm clouds right behind them.” (1)

Gaia provides us with the most wonderful of sights, and we simply have to look up to see them! There is, of course, usually an explanation for everything and for me at least, this awesome “moon halo” does not have to be something spectacular to still get my attention and amaze me. To me, this sight seems a sign of the wonderful times we are heading into. It doesn’t have to be a true sign of something amazing to convince me of this, because the most awe-inspiring things can come to us in the form of something we’d likley write-off.

While some may see this marvel as nothing more than a simple optical illusion, I see it for the miracle that it is. It is beautiful!

-Wes Annac

(1) – “What does it mean when there’s a ring around the moon?” at:

A Message from my Higher Self: We’re All Here! [Personal Update Included]


360 smallI’ve become aware of my fifth dimensional Higher Self, existing on our New Earth and helping to bring it into form and anchor it unto our physical reality. This “meeting” was experienced during meditation as a result of the amazing 12-21 energies I am still feeling. I quickly brought-forth a communication, and my tiredness and need to rest may be a bit apparent by the length of this message.

Even as you are bringing me through, dear Wesley, you can feel yourself as me, existing on the surface of our New Earth. Everybody is connecting with and tuning-in to the energies of their Higher Self, and many are beginning to recognize themselves in their fifth dimensional form as they view the landscape of your ascended Eden that you will be gradually realizing you have climbed to.

Various channeled entities have been at the forefront of the awakened Lightworker consciousness and among the most important of higher dimensional entities for you all to connect with, is your Higher Self. When you connect with your Higher Self, you begin to communicate with an entity whose very form you will assume upon ascending to your heightened state of consciousness.

You are ascending into the fifth dimension and merging with the fifth dimensional aspects of your Higher Selves and dear Wesley, it should be expressed that we are indeed a part of the fifth dimensional oversoul that is SanJAsKa.

We are a part of this oversoul and we are as well, our own individual being of Light and as is so with the Higher Self of each Earthly soul, you are to begin merging with me as our relationship develops and my specific energies come through your chakras more and more. Continue reading

The Everlasting One: A Download


005 smallWoah! Another strong download, and I’m still feeling the effects of it. Have I said enough that the effects from the 21st are making themselves known in an incredibly intense manner already? I’ve been Loving every minute of it and each meditation seems to bring me deeper and expose me to another revelation or important download.

I will try to detail this download the best I can from my current state of pure, unending bliss, because I personally see it as a milestone in my ultimate spiritual growth that will garner an intensely-positive new perspective within me.

In meditation, going deeper and deeper and deeper, I found myself accessing realms and planes of consciousness I’ve truly never felt before in this Life. I found myself so submerged within swirls and swathes of pure, colored energy coming at me and flowing intensely yet harmoniously, throughout every aspect of my vision and conscious awareness.

Enjoying this truly blissful state of consciousness, I received a power-download of perspective, realization and information. I found myself purely connected with the all-encompassing One; the Oneness energy; the Intergalactic and Inter-Universal mainframe of supreme Source consciousness; whatever you want to call it, I felt it and I felt submerged within it. I have personally realized the One. Continue reading