Archangel Indriel: The Light Has Worked Steadily and Slowly, but Quite Surely


307 small-Channeled through Wes Annac-

Inspiration from a message through Bella Capozzi fashioned a connection with dearest Indriel, and it was interesting to bring this soul through because I had never connected with Indriel’s specific line of energy before. We breezed through various different subjects, and it is hoped by both of us that this message is helpful.

A magnificent array of ascended beings will begin making themselves known to you dear souls via your third eyes and all other chakras that are beginning to become opened at this time. It is I, Indriel, and I am here to welcome you to your fifth dimensional ascended Eden.

But you may say to me, “I don’t see anything different about this New World that we are being told we have entered”. Trust, dear hearts, for you are being guided into your New World and what you decide along your paths is most important, for you will find the higher realms you have been looking toward by employing the continual effort in yourselves to connect with the energies of so many ascended souls who are making our ways to you with happiness and ease in our hearts.

It is becoming so much easier for us in the higher realms to access the energies of you dear souls on Earth, as you are all opening up to us and from the perspective of the higher realms, it has become very clear that your veils and instated barriers are simply too small to hold you dear souls back any longer. The Light quotient upon the Earth is so vastly pure now, dear souls and if only you could see the enormously-strong and wide-reaching effects of the Love energy you are continually manifesting and bringing through yourselves, you would be assured completely with no doubt in your minds that what you are going through is real. Continue reading

Unity in Oneness – 2012: The Age of Unity Consciousness and Oneness is Dawning

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[Note from Wes: I’m supporting the Unity in Oneness movement and encourage you to as well, because we will have much more of an effect on the collective subconscious than we may know by spreading these representations of unity consciousness to all those around us, in the form of the Unity in Oneness seals. You may notice the seal up here and on Aquarius Channelings, and it is a friendly representation and reminder of the collective Unity and Oneness we all wish to find. Much Love dear friends!]


How Can We Best Find Inner-Harmony and Collective Unity?

This is the first of perhaps many video presentations given from yours truly.

In this video, I examine how we can find collective unity by first attaining personal harmony. I also discuss the reasons some have been and are held back from attaining the inner-harmony that will help us achieve unity with everyone around us.

Accompanying essay:

I would like now to examine and discuss how we can best find unity a collective. As many of us know, unity is and will be the driving force that sees us collectively rebuilding the condition our world has been in and our finding of unity is crucial toward the manifesting of the future we wish to see come about. We simply cannot work together harmoniously if we are still separated from each other because of outer differences that have no importance in the grand picture of Life.

We are all One soul, One entity and we have allowed ourselves to split into different reflective personalities and cultures but beyond the perceived outer differences of each of us, we are still one entity and when we unite and realize the powers we possess as a collective body, we will truly begin to find peace and a restoration of the collective Lighted energies that have always laid beyond our sphere of perception, waiting to be accessed. Continue reading

The Hathors of Earths Solar Astral Planes: Reaching Personal Strides, Affecting the Collective and Unleashing the Light Energies


-Channeled through Wes Annac-

Energetic upgrades and strides continue to be reached by the collective of Earth, and we are here before you all to give yet another happy energy update. We have only good news to display to you dear souls but as always, you have been going through the [most difficult] of the cleansing that has needed to take place within yourselves and within your outer world.

The benefits that you are to experience as natural results of the clearing and cleansing you have been performing as a collective and as individuals will be simply unparalleled.

The scope of pure, positive change that you are Creating in each and every moment can be very exponential if you dear souls would only allow it to be, as only you can make the decisions and enact the personal changes in your Lives that you know will benefit yourselves and the entirety of the Earth collective as well.

You are now reaching strides wherein you can feel the energetic, emotional and physical effects of the interactions you make with others and of each and every thought, feeling or emotion you bring through yourselves and we are happy to report that you are still being continually showered with pure energies that are indeed increasing in scope and purity with each active absorbing of such energies you perform within yourselves. Continue reading

Further Musings on Accessing the Greater Light of Our Self


The following was written for the conclusion of this week’s Aquarius Channelings Weekly Newsletter and reinforces the previous article I wrote on this subject. I will continue to write on this subject because I feel that it is important for us to realize our ability to access our inner-held Light and mend all densities easily as we ascend onward to purer perspectives and planes of consciousness.

When one is fully immersed in the blissful, meditative energies of the higher realms, one cannot be bothered with the densities and hardship of the Earth experience. All trials and tribulations fade away in the face of our greater Creator Light, which we can now access with much more ease than has been so for much of our history since the fall of Atlantis and Lemuria.

For many generations of our history, people have strived and struggled to feel the pure, meditative energies that we can now access with a great ease and joy. Strict meditative practices and rituals were adopted so that the splendor of the higher realms could be felt by one still perceiving from within a body temple but now, the energies are so heightened in intensity and purity that we can access them if we make the effort to, very easily. Continue reading

Preview: Aquarius Channelings Weekly Newsletter 18th Issue – The Channeled Bits

The following is a preview of the Aquarius Channelings Weekly Newsletter, which we are offering for $11.11 a month. I look forward to the time when I’ll be able to offer this Newsletter each week for free but in the meantime, a bit of income is required. Option to subscribe will be given below.

Hello dear friends, and welcome to the eighteenth issue of the Aquarius Channelings Weekly Newsletter.

This week, we will be hearing solely from SanJAsKa. We will also be led on a short trip by a familiar collective of ascended beings during our astral travels, and I will answer a reader’s question about the diversity of people here on this world and the different places we have all come from.

To begin for this week, SanJAsKa reminds us that we are awakening to new perspectives and that we are multi-layered.

“All that you dear beautiful souls are going through at this time is serving to awaken you to new understandings, new perspectives and new grasps on the reality around you for indeed, it is very fluid and is constantly shifting and changing. Your souls are very complex and multilayered to the point that you have worn different personalities and frames of Living and being throughout your continual Earth travels. Continue reading