A Note on Hurricane Sandy: Don’t Worry!


I’d like to make a note on the current hurricane Sandy, because there’s been a lot of buzz on it and different sources have been saying different things. The idea of weather manipulation will almost always come into play when it comes to powerful weather of this sort, and I can feel that the intensity of hurricane Sandy is catalytically initiating yet another planetary balancing and cleansing, as has been suggested.

I’m sure the dark’s weather warfare attempts and HAARP are not without their role in this hurricane, but from the impressions I’ve received it seems that the dark have not directly caused this hurricane with their weather-warfare technology. I am ‘feeling’ that this hurricane did indeed come about naturally as a much-needed shifting, cleansing and integration period for Gaia that will prove to have mass positive effects in due time [each mega density-clearing event usually does] but, as with much of the weather that has been meant to cleanse and heal collective density, the dark have tried to manipulate the purpose of this hurricane and steer it toward parts of the world where it would be destructive. Continue reading

Steve Beckow: Behind the Scenes after the First [2012 Scenario] Conference – Part 1

Written by Steve Beckow

Photo – the Surprise of the Conference

Note from Wes: I am more than flattered by Steve’s words! I enjoyed every bit of delivering my presentation and the crowd was just amazing. To say that they were excited is a vast understatement!!! I have to say that this Conference will go down as one of my absolute favorite memories, and I will likely be writing about my experience after the second Conference is over. :)

Archangel Michael would have more to say next Monday from a much higher vantage point (this Monday – today – we are resting, meeting, moving location, setting up shop again).

We thank you for allowing us not to cover the first conference but to opt instead for live-streaming of the second. I’m not sure if I personally could have managed doing the conference in the day and writing it up at night, given how tired I see I was at the end of the day and am at the end of this first conference. It isn’t the best arrangement perhaps and it was an unexpected outcome.

I’ll leave comments open here so that conference participants can add their perspective. As we have asked though – can we all make sure we don’t ruin the sense of expectation for those attending the second conference or watching the live stream by giving away any of the conference schedule or the speakers’ content. Continue reading

Enjoy the 2012 Scenario Conference LIVE From Your Own Home – LIVE STREAMING Conference 2 Next Week

Enjoy the 2012 Scenario Conference LIVE From Your Own Home – LIVE STREAMING Conference 2 Next Week

Archangel Michael said that people will be able to enjoy the 2012 Scenario Conference Sedona – Preparing for Ascension from their own homes – and he was right!

The second 2012 Scenario Conference in Sedona will be live streamed and will now be available to everyone around the world to view as it happens.

The Live Stream will be available on the 2012 Scenario site on Tuesday 30th, Wednesday 31st and Thursday November 1, 2012.

The stream has been enabled following the phenomenal support we have had from all those who have bought tickets to the two conferences in Sedona. The fact the first conference Sold Out and the second conference has less than 10 seats available, has allowed us the funding to follow through on negotiating a last minute deal here in Sedona with local TV network provider Jim Koch of Black Knight Productions. This deal will see the entire Conference stream live from Los Abrigados Resort in Sedona this  coming week. Continue reading

Sedona Trip

I will be in Sedona from Saturday until Wednesday night and may not be around as often as I would like to be. Will do all I can to give updates from Sedona, as the gathering of Lightworkers is expected to be monumental at both conferences. Of course, I will be posting today [24th] Thursday [25th] and Friday [26th] on Aquarius Channelings for sure. After those days, check back every now and then for updates! :)

Much Love all,

Wes :)

President Obama’s Situation As I See It

Written by Wes Annac

While I haven’t been following politics very closely for what to me is a good reason, as the election is coming up in the United States we are seeing much circulated about President Obama, Mitt Romney and the outcome of who is elected president. We have heard that much is riding on this election; not for any political reasons but for reasons of steering this Earth into the Golden Age we have all been working toward.

I would like to give my two cents and my opinion, knowing that it could likely be different from yours. I don’t wish to turn this into a full-blown debate about Obama, or CD Replication, but simply give my opinion and ask that it is respected, just as I would respect the opinion of another as long as the person expressing it is themselves respectful. I have unfortunately talked with plenty of people, my own mother included, who do not believe in President Obama.

Many people feel that he had the chance and failed, and it can be disparaging for any Obama supporter to continually meet a wall of criticism of the President; sometimes, moreso than what was given to both of the Bushes. Whenever Bush showed us how against the will of the people his administration and those behind the curtain truly are, the presidential position was automatically put under much more scrutiny.

However, Bush had the advantage of being aligned with the far-right and controlled aspects of the American mainstream media, who were much less critical of him than they have been of President Obama. Continue reading

Preview: Aquarius Channelings Weekly Newsletter 14th Issue – The Channeled Bits and an Astral Discussion

The following is a free preview of the Aquarius Channelings Weekly Newsletter, which we are offering for $11.11 a month. While I look forward to giving this Newsletter freely in the time ahead, we must attain some type of income if we wish to keep providing the routine work that we give and income from this Newsletter helps us exponentially. Option to subscribe will be given below.

Hello dear friends, and welcome to the fourteenth issue of the Aquarius Channelings Weekly Newsletter.

This week, we will be hearing from the Ascended Collective as a whole. We will also work to bless the cabals, and I will offer a reader an exercise to clear-out that prevalent dense energy from our chakras that could still be built up.

To begin for this week, the Ascended Collective reminds us that if we show the effort to ascend, any missteps from our path can be taken in stride.

“You are Loved regardless of the choices that you make along the path you have set out for yourselves. There will be times that you perceive yourselves as falling away from your intended path and we say that as long as you dear souls show the intention in yourselves, you will find your ascension and it will indeed be very unique for each and every one of you.

You will find the steady flow of our energies that you wish to find and feel in yourselves and as you open yourselves up more and more to the Divine, you will realize that what has held you back has been aided and employed by lower mindsets in yourselves that need to be transmuted before the personal results of such transmutation can make themselves known.” –The Ascended Collective

We are told there is still work to be done, and that we will be given innumerable assistance with every difficulty along our Life paths.

“Indeed, dear souls, there is work to do underneath your surface and within yourselves that you may not have realized is still there to be done and we say that as long as you make it your tried and true effort to find and feel a connection with the higher realms that will only be found and understood completely within yourselves, you will always find our energies and the assistance we will give you with uprooting and illuminating all within yourselves that has held you back from the pure realms of Source that you have all been working oh-so hard within yourselves to find and feel. Continue reading

The Hathors of Earths Solar Astral Planes: Egotistical Mechanisms, Awakening to Density and the Potent Light-Pillars Held Within


-Channeled through Wes Annac-

With Love in our hearts, we ask you dear souls to realize the strides that you have been reaching. Why do we in the higher realms remind you of your strides so much, you may be asking yourselves? We do this because many of you tend to be disparaged along your paths and tend to feel that you are not Creating the change on your dear world that many of you are.

There are certain things that you dear souls need to be reminded of when it comes to your continual ascension and one of these things is that you are Creating a grand and marvelous change upon your world. You dear souls should never let yourselves feel otherwise because any thought or feeling you may have to the contrary are simply illusory!

You are some of the most powerful beings through this Universe for the tremendous sacrifice that you are making at this time. You dear souls have allowed yourselves to go through so very much, all in the name of seeing the ascension of dear Earth out.

We have committed ourselves to this ascension as well and while we have taken on roles that are difficult to their own extent, we are not making as big of a sacrifice as you dear souls are at present. You have come from a vast plethora of higher realms to spread your truth, Light and wisdom with souls who were simply entrapped within a dark spell that taught them only physicality, and nothing else.

There have been time periods on your world wherein uninhibited, free expression was banned entirely and this was bred out of a wish to control the citizens of your dear world by souls who have assumed themselves all-powerful. Continue reading