Connecting with Archangel Michael During Astral Travel

This article was written for the ongoing ‘Astral Travels’ series of the Aquarius Channelings Weekly Newsletter. 

Written by Wes Annac

Greetings, collective astral Love-givers! Have you been making your own personal and routine practices at energy work since we left off last week? As always, it is very important for you dear readers to attempt to make such practices if you can, because practicing the methods that have been given will see a personal understanding and Mastering of these abilities that just can’t be given by anyone other than yourselves!

Last week, after getting into a bit of a discussion of the energy work we have been and will be performing, we manifested ourselves back within our wonderful circle of energy and collective Love, and we imagined a blue-like dome of transparent energy over us as we fed the grid manifesting this energy with our own positive and Loving personal energies and intentions.

I want to be perfectly honest with you, dear readers- I quite literally received the ‘tip’ to have us all imagine and Create this dome of energy, right as I was writing last week’s article on our astral travels. It was quite profound yet for me, a wonderful experience that I am still remembering vestiges of. After writing last week’s article, I naturally turned toward my guides and asked why such a welcomed recommendation had been put forth.

Looking back upon my own conscious astral travels and performing of energy work, it seems that dear Archangel Michael has been my most front-and-center guide in the avenue of astral travels and energy work. Dear Archangel Michael introduced me to the Ascended city of Acclipthys and the energy work they are performing, and has been there for me emotionally quite a many times as well and as we all know, emotion is a strong form of energy.

It dawned on me [as I received impressions from my guides and likely Michael Himself] that there was a very neat and important reason that our guides wished us to manifest a transparent, blue sphere of energy above our dear circle; we were preparing our spirits for a visit and contact with Archangel Michael.

I have long been anticipating the practices we are going to make wherein we attempt to garner contact with our guides via our astral travels, but had in no way planned an introduction to Archangel Michael specifically. We have found our astral discussions naturally beginning to cover energy work and as dear Archangel Michael was the ‘ambassador’ of sorts for me to begin perceiving of my own astral travels and performing of such energy work, it seems that He would like to do the same for our group.

I am receiving impressions even now of the ‘best’ methods for us to be able to perceive of Archangel Michael’s energy whilst undergoing our astral travels. It seems that again, the auric blue dome of energy we were manifesting as a collective above our circle seemed to be for the purposes of aligning our collective energy with that of dear Michael.

I want us all to imagine and feel ourselves in our astral circle again, manifesting the same blue, Lighted dome of energy as a collective. Again dear readers, hold the focus of this manifestation. Feel what we are doing here. Feel the energy arising from within you and from within the collective, and perceive of everybody in our group radiating out from themselves, the energy that is sustaining this blue auric dome of energy around us and directly above us.

We are feeding and sustaining this specific form of energy with our own energy of intent, visualization and Love.

As we are allowing purer and purer does of this energy to radiate itself out through ourselves as it feeds our marvelous dome of collectively-manifested energies, dear Archangel Michael is readying a portion of His omnipotent energy to funnel-down to our astral realms, Represent Himself through our blue dome of Universal energy, and maintain a connection with us as an entire group; as the collective we have always been.

Continue to hold your focus of this energy coming through yourselves and through the group, and feel and perceive of the dome we have been Creating. Hold the focus of this wonderful, Lighted moment of collective Unity and giving of Love energy, until you notice a manifestation within our blue dome of energy. This manifestation will be and look different to all of us but as long as our proper focus is held throughout this exercise, this manifestation will be Representative of Archangel Michael.

For me, His beautiful face is coming through this dome of transparent energy, and He is smiling upon us. He is blessing each and every one of us as we hold the focus of energy and intent that is seeing His energy delivered to us through our blue dome. His face takes on the color and transparency alike of this dome and He smiles happily upon us and sings hymns and prayers of sound and energy to be absorbed by our astral and physical temples. He is like a songbird, so gentle and sweet with His tones of Universal healing sound energy.

He has various helper-Guides who are themselves of a very pure consciousness and resonation, who are dancing happily around us and performing Lighted chants that I’m told are designed to assist the hymns and prayers that dear Archangel Michael is giving us.

We can now begin to perceive of an intense and powerful yet supremely uplifting energy of pure harmonic sound as dear Michael’s chant has reached an ‘apex point’ that we can now receive very powerful energy from. He says not to be deterred if you do not yet feel yourselves receiving the energy from his beautiful songs, because it is an energy which is slowly settling into our spirits and will have more of a long-term yet completely noticeable effect.

We are giving this beautiful and uplifting energy that is allowing us to access Archangel Michael’s energies easier, and He is finding a happy contact with us as He gives us energies and harmonic frequencies of a pure potency. This moment is purely perfect; Divine bliss all around as we all find this contact and realize that we are genuinely perceiving of and existing within the vicinity of Archangel Michael, who is a prominent Guide of many of us.

Remember, dear friends, even He has said that He can be in ‘a hundred places at once’.

How does it feel knowing that you have found a contact with Archangel Michael?  He certainly seems exuberantly excited about it and I have to say that I echo His excitement and appreciate vastly the assistance He has given us and has given me personally.

We are all asked to repeat this manifestation in the days ahead, be it with a collective of souls in our astral travels our by ourselves while practicing individual astral travels. All of us are now coming away from this experience with the energetic, higher dimensional ‘residue’ so to speak of Archangel Michael, and He has left an imprint upon our soul-consciousness that will see us able to access such an imprint to find our own personal connection and resulting lasting communication with Him.

This experience and exercise especially [as well as any personal exercise one wishes to practice to find this connection] is recommended to be practiced routinely in the days ahead.

Next week, we will begin to find ourselves performing much more potent energy work for the Light, and we will be introduced to entire collectives of ascended souls who have made it their ambition to continually perform the very pure energy work and Lighted ‘rituals’ that see our ascension energies reaching our world as well as becoming anchored unto our world and unto ourselves.

This concludes our Astral Travel discussion for this week.

2 thoughts on “Connecting with Archangel Michael During Astral Travel

  1. Dear Wes, I just found you around the time of the Lionsgate early this month when I was directed to Steve Beckows 2012 blog and another one where they post your messages. I read and listen to a lot (understatement) of channeled messages for yrs now and find your messages on all levels to really resonate with me and catching up as best I can on all your areas now for weeks. Thank you so much for coming back to Earth at this time to assist us in this way…and to relieve the being who wished to depart his lifetime/incarnation this time around. I can totally understand this. I loved reading about your experience as a Walk-In in this life and the background to it (all parts of it and understood it more than can express here)…thank you for everything you have openly shared with us. So much more could say but this is public space of course. Just wanted to let you know how much appreciate you as best could here. And, Im expanding/adjusting my meditations spend on this daily and time and healing work/astral travel intentions to include the instructions in this series on astral travel and connecting to AM this way…and appreciated your suggestions on making contact with one’s own guides,etc. Also enjoyed the communication with Solara and the the channels on the Hathors who I have enjoyed thru the sounds healing work of Tom Kenyon if you are familiar with him. In fact, Im listening to some of his free downloads that I play when reading your channels…interesting Im guided to combine these? They are amazing and incoded with the Hathor vibration thru Tom’s incredible voice and transport one into the astral planes for sure. If you havent heard those, do go to Tom and check out his messages and free tracks for download sounds of raphael and crystal palace within and free tracks from a Hathor intensive in 09 that are in there…look around there if this resonates with you. It is heavenly music and I imagine it is Archangel Michael singing to me. Hope Ok to share this here with you and the readers. Blessings to you always and know Im following closely and part of this group contributing to the healing with the blue dome and astral travel communications with AM and others. Suzanne (Basra of Lemuria)


  2. Beloved Wes, couple more last notes to you … I apologize as forgot to mention how much I love the title Astral Love-Givers as this is very much the intention of the gathering together to do the energy work and meet with our beloved AM with you. And, I also very much enjoy your messages from San JAsKA too and Im hoping to eventually connect to her directly in future and see if she might speak to me too! Much love and gratitude for being who YOU are again and so honored and blessed to connect with you in this lifetime, Suzanne


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