The Hathors of Earth’s Solar Astral Planes: Dissipated Veils, Finding Compassion and Understanding your Worth


-Channeled through Wes Annac-

What you choose to accept as reality will determine what you’re able to do and manifest, and we can feel that many of you are ready to expand your abilities but feel there still to be a veil between you and us.

We can say, with so very much happiness, joy and Love, that there are no more barriers.

You’re not perceiving of the fifth dimension yet because you still have many more octaves of consciousness to collectively traverse in the rapid manner you’ll be traversing them, but you’ve reached a stage in your evolution where the only barriers between us and you being fed and enforced are those being enforced by you and the rest of your collective.

This is quite different to how things were on your Earth previously. Previously, the dense ideas and beliefs of your general collective did indeed instate a very strong barrier between us and you that was difficult for many spiritual seekers to penetrate. Continue reading

The Hathors of Earth’s Solar Astral Planes: Ascension Effects, A Rapid Evolution and Fourth Dimensional Growth


-Channeled through Wes Annac-

Your conscious experience as you go about it is sustained upon a frequency of reality. The specific octave of consciousness you exist upon breeds an equally-specific type of experience, and as you rise in consciousness you find the density around you growing lighter and lighter.

You will find yourselves beginning to weigh less as you go about your physical ascension processes, and one of the initial symptoms you will notice when your perceptions are kicked into a noticeably high gear will be the seeming weightlessness of your form. Your experiences will brim much more with joy and synchronicities than they do even currently and in general, you will find your moods very easy to lighten.

You will find yourselves sparkling with exuberant, Divine energy and you will attach an energy to yourselves that is recognizable in a plethora of pregnant women who seem to be “glowing” when taking in a new Life and a new soul which, in your most recent decades, will have (likely) come from the higher realms to help the Earth find Her ascension and to help Her collective awaken in time for such an ascension. Continue reading

The Hathors of Earth’s Solar Astral Planes: Comfortable Complacency, Letting Vengeance Fade and the Prevalent Presence of Spirit

416 small-Channeled through Wes Annac-

If we could only detail every last bit of energetic progress you the ascending humanity have been making upon your paths, than we would be able to uplift and motivate you dear souls in much stronger ways than we will be able to because of the communication gap between us and you. This gap that we speak of is growing smaller and smaller by the moment and as has been said, your belief in your ability to pick up on our impressions will determine its strength.

The sacred bond with the higher realms and with we souls within the higher realms that humanity is beginning to open up to simply cannot go unrealized by the entirety of your collective, and every single one if you will in due time, find the states of consciousness that help you to understand the reality of every facet of what is happening on your world and in realms far beyond the conscious understanding of the physical humanity.

We have so much Light and Love to share with you dearest souls, and we ask for you to open yourselves up and receive this Love as you absorb our communication and feel the impressions we are sending each of you individually. We are connected with every soul who is absorbing this communication, and we will begin to make ourselves known before many of you who find yourselves close with our energies and impressions. Continue reading

The Hathors of Earth’s Solar Astral Planes: Releasing Preconceptions, the March Intensification and the Collective Lightworker Consciousness (Part 1)


416 small-Channeled through Wes Annac-

The Hathors have given a message that is intended for this timeframe we are in. A plethora of circumstances (including a gnarly flood in our basement last night) have stopped me from getting the full message ready, so I offer the first half today.

The strides, both energetic and physical, being made by the collective of humanity are much larger than is being reported. Whilst your media of course does not yet possess much of an energetic perspective of events occurring on your world at present, in the new paradigm you are all establishing the understanding of energy work makes way for each one of you to perform it as you grow more fully into and begin to realize and understand your roles.

There are so many “sleepers” right now who will be drawn to their natural roles as Lightworkers and energy workers, and so many souls on your world at present who are steeped in unawareness will find enlightenment and with it, an understanding of their abilities and their specific role in your developing New Age. Continue reading

The Hathors of Earth’s Solar Astral Planes: Lightening Perspectives, the Presence of Logos Energy and the Waning Influence of Darkness


125-Channeled through Wes Annac-

Humanity will find the refined perspectives that are being garnered as the energies of 2013 continue to test you all. You will soon be in awe of the wonderful energies that have been waiting to be accessed and felt, and we know that you can feel the imminence of the descent of the higher realms unto you dear souls as you attract them to yourselves increasingly.

Our perspective has long been an energetic one and based on where the energies are leading humanity at present, it seems that the lightening vibrations are making their way to you all and beginning to be accepted by much more of your Earth public than you would perhaps expect.

Even those whose perspectives have been weighed down with density and negativity are beginning to see the possibility and need for a positive change to manifest on your world and we as well as a plethora of others will continue to proclaim that humanity coming tougher is the biggest and most important item on the agenda.

It is very important for the purposeful separation to come to an end as you all realize how hollow it is and has always been. Humanity has fallen down into the lower, separation-based energies but you truly have the opportunity now to remove yourselves from the influence of these energies and help the collective vibrations find the Light in much easier ways. Continue reading

The Hathors of Earths Solar Astral Planes: Creating in Distorted Realms, the Beginning of your Experience and the Components of Source


059small-Channeled through Wes Annac-

Note: This message is quite long, and I debated breaking it up into two segments because of its length. You are advised to absorb it in as many reading sessions as you need, to properly integrate the information.

Humanity as a collective is and will be beginning to reflect the energetic strides being made at present. There is so much going on beyond the realms of your current perception and with each effort to attune to the realms beyond the perspective of the third dimension, we know you dear souls will feel at the very least, the beginning of all that is transpiring.

Truly, your cup now runneth over with miracles and higher dimensional interactions which you will begin to attract to yourselves as you look upon and perceive of such miracles. There is oh-so much you have the full ability to do and you will be doing much of this work in the time ahead, and for this current moment we ask you all to attune to the continually-pure energies being given to you, for you will find enormous benefits from doing so.

This has already been proven by much of the Lightworker collective who continue to experience the wondrous benefits that the alignment of December 21st had to offer you, and to help explain the process of increasingly purifying the energies Creating your reality we would like once again to recap how the higher dimensional Logos energy is sent to your reality, and the specific role we play in funneling-down and continually refining this energy. Continue reading

The Ascended Masters and the Hathors: You are Being Initiated into a Whole New Paradigm of Consciousness


Divine Help-We are not alone & we are Loved-Channeled through Wes Annac-

[Many thanks to Konstantinos for the picture of our new paradigm!]

Can you dear souls imagine that you have plentiful guides all around you at all times, simply waiting to be called upon?

We will let you know that we are with you in the form of synchronicities which can be numeric by nature but which can be expressed in a plethora of other ways. For example, seeming coincidences that occur in your Lives are usually attempts by fragments of your higher selves to reach you and communicate a specific message, and we help in the attempt to get your dear souls’ attention and to help and guide you along your paths.

Every choice that you make is setting the stage for and building upon the manifestation of further events in your Lives and the perspectives you employ determine the course your Lives are to be heading in.

Those on your world who feel that a cataclysm or disaster is imminent are feeling the breakdown of the old and dense energies in themselves and as a result, are coping with the surfacing of the negative feelings that have, until now, driven the subconscious rage and density that some dear souls on your world feel but keep bottled-up, yet express such rage in the form of belief systems, ideals and opinions.

What has been kept and held within is now arising to the surface and while some dear souls would stay comfortable within their unrealized densities for a much longer period of time than the ascension cycle is calling for, the intervention and assistance from the Divine Forces is seeing to it that every dear soul is offered the full opportunity to work through latently-held issues that have laid dormant within the surface perception and consciousness of many an Earth soul. Continue reading

The Hathors of Earths Solar Astral Planes: Reaching Personal Strides, Affecting the Collective and Unleashing the Light Energies


-Channeled through Wes Annac-

Energetic upgrades and strides continue to be reached by the collective of Earth, and we are here before you all to give yet another happy energy update. We have only good news to display to you dear souls but as always, you have been going through the [most difficult] of the cleansing that has needed to take place within yourselves and within your outer world.

The benefits that you are to experience as natural results of the clearing and cleansing you have been performing as a collective and as individuals will be simply unparalleled.

The scope of pure, positive change that you are Creating in each and every moment can be very exponential if you dear souls would only allow it to be, as only you can make the decisions and enact the personal changes in your Lives that you know will benefit yourselves and the entirety of the Earth collective as well.

You are now reaching strides wherein you can feel the energetic, emotional and physical effects of the interactions you make with others and of each and every thought, feeling or emotion you bring through yourselves and we are happy to report that you are still being continually showered with pure energies that are indeed increasing in scope and purity with each active absorbing of such energies you perform within yourselves. Continue reading

A Chat with the Hathors: Astral Landscapes and Unfolding Perceptions


Wes: Dearest Hathors, I would like to perceive of the realities you reside within. I will go into a light meditative state and attempt to receive the impressions sent from you.

I perceive of a colorful type of jungle, and the image reverberates and shifts between the jungle and a pure reality that seems only to be comprised of color and sound. I am getting an image of both places, seeming to overlap each other.

The Hathors: What you are experiencing and feeling are our pure realms of full consciousness that we exist within upon your Earth, as well as a more toned-down version of such realities that will match your physical perception and understanding of these realms. You would best recognize these realms in your current state, dear Wesley, as realms that would match a landscape that you are used to.

You experience a heavenly type of reality as one where there is nature surrounded and colors abound and as such, we allowed you to perceive of what can be referred to as a denser version of our reality and where we are currently existing within the higher astral planes of your Earth but again, you are seeing a simple representation along with the pure realms that you are still having your own degree of trouble experiencing [purely] but that you are perceiving of quite finely. Continue reading

The Hathors of Earths Solar Astral Planes: Purer Light Energies, Instated Veils and Barriers and the Expansion of Humanities’ Perception

-Channeled through Wes Annac-

Note: In this message, references are made by the Hathors to ‘spectacular displays in [our] skies’.

I want to be clear that they are not referring to the possibility of a mass decloaking of Light Ships after the August 4th deadline has come and went; they are referring to a mass displaying of the pure energy which has been Creating our reality and which is being given in purer increments as we evolve.

To the best of my knowledge, these energetic displays are only to be made far after the initial disclosure and Contact periods.

Think, the Aurora Lights. Can you imagine such a spectacular display all throughout our skies?

Quite an energetic stride the collective of humanity has reached, while many of you still go about your days and continual experiences as if events have not changed pace in the manner that they have. We should explain dear souls. The energetic strides and dates alike that have been reached along your Cosmic calendar have called for the releasing of energy that is so very pure and that you have not yet felt, witnessed or experienced whilst on your world [in your current Lives].

Many will point out that this admission is given often and this is because the process of Homes for Sale Vancouver means sending this Light energy to your world in continually purer doses each time, is one that must allow a steady realigning of this Light along steadily-purer increments and frequencies every time, and along newer alignment dates reached on your Cosmic calendar. We are able to release this energy in much purer increments and along much purer frequencies than we were previously able to give to your world and to the realms within Her which are not yet based in the realms of the Light that are now being assimilated by each and every one of you. Continue reading