Earth History According to Ra: South American Visitations

By Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness

We left off from a discussion about the visitations the Confederation made with the Atlanteans, which didn’t go as well as the Confederation intended. While their teachings were initially accepted and utilized, they gradually became distorted and used for war, which eventually resulted in the sinking of the Atlantean continent.

The Confederation, which includes Ra, never wanted this to happen.

Despite the Atlanteans’ distortion of their teachings, there were a couple other civilizations the Confederation made contact with in hopes of helping them evolve. One of those civilizations was in South America, and here, we’ll learn about these well-meaning South American visitations, which also didn’t go as planned.

This story is similar to what happened in Atlantis, with a few small differences such as the style of the pyramids that were created. As we’ll learn here, it took longer for the South American civilization to muddy the Confederation’s teachings, but unfortunately, it did happen. Continue reading

The True Nature of Love


By Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness

Often in the conscious community, we hear that love is the greatest force in existence. If we have it, we have everything we could ever need, and while life will still challenge us in unexpected and potentially frustrating ways, it all gets easier when we have love. We hear that creativity’s easier if we approach it from a heart-centered space, and everything we create comes from love.

Whether it’s an article or an entire book; a song or an entire album, it comes from the space of love. Love is everything, and when we connect with it or express it, we connect with our higher consciousness. This makes enough sense to me, but it also makes me wonder what love really is and how we can really connect with it. Continue reading

“Experience” and Transcending the Conditioned Mind


By Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness

Here, I’d like to examine some material from Jiddu Krishnamurti about experience and transcending the mind’s conditioning, which has kept all of us from connecting with our essence at one point or another. As he’ll tell us here, external experience is one of many things that reinforces our sense of separation from our higher consciousness, and we have to do away with our attachment to it if we want to leave the realm of the mind.

We don’t have to be ruled by the desire to gain experiences, and the conditioned mind seems to require certain experiences before it can find temporary peace. It’s never really at peace, but it’s peaceful for a moment when we have fun or enjoyable experiences. Continue reading

A Look at Transcendental Meditation


By Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness

I think meditation is essential for any spiritual seeker who wants to elevate their consciousness, because it takes us out of the mind and into a place of peace and bliss. Meditation can reduce stress and encourage balance and calmness, and it can help us understand that life doesn’t have to be chaotic or stressful.

Life is as easy as we let it be, but most people are too rushed and stressed to stop for a moment, find their center, and let their inner peace return.

Along with other spiritual practices, meditation gives us peace of mind and the ability to persevere in stressful situations. Everyone has times when they don’t feel like they can keep going, but if we regularly meditate, we might find it easier to stay strong. Continue reading

Earth History According to Ra – Confederation Contacts

By Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness

We left off from a discussion about Atlantis and the knowledge given to the Atlanteans by the Confederation of Planets, which was eventually twisted and used for negative purposes. Now, we’ll learn about the help the Confederation has given to various earthly societies for the past 75,000 years, which was given to prepare us for collective ascension, or as Ra refers to it, ‘harvest’.

Along with the rest of the Confederation, Ra has been trying to help us become aware and collectively evolve, and in the past, they shared philosophical, scientific and technological knowledge.

As we’ll learn here, the Confederation directly contacted a few ancient societies in hopes of helping them advance, and like Atlantis, the teachings that were given to the societies were distorted and used negatively. Continue reading

Earth History According to Ra: Atlantis

By Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness

I’d like to devote our next few Ra reports to the study of Earth’s history – the history we haven’t been taught in school – so we can know what’s really been going on for the last hundred thousand or so years.

Ra’s a great source to turn to if you want a clearer picture of the things that have been happening on this planet, because they aren’t limited by the physical and time-based constraints we are and their perspective on our history (and plenty of other things) is expanded.

Along with the Confederation, Ra has been with us throughout most of our history, trying to help us when and where possible. They want to help us understand the principles of the Law of One, and in doing so, advance as a species into the next stage of our evolution. Some people look down on the idea of a ‘harvest’ because it sounds like something negative, but in my mind, it’s just another word to describe the collective evolution we’re experiencing. Continue reading

Searching – A Song by Wes Annac

This is a song I wrote, which I call ‘Searching’.

I consider myself a beginner musician, and I’m experimenting with writing and recording songs. I wrote (and performed) the lyrics and the guitar and bass parts, and the drumbeat I used from YouTube user Lumbeat can be found here:

The quality isn’t great, but I did my best with the equipment I have available.


The wicked souls they laugh oh as they plunder the earth
The masses blinded to their crimes, we set them free with our words
The revolutionaries of our time will spearhead the purge
Of prejudice and selfishness, rebuild the earth now we all urge
Everyone can take a stand, reclaim their deeper awareness
Now is not the time to slack off or to become careless
‘Cuz we are fighting for the truth, for justice and fairness
So come on board and don’t give up, in the long run we will win this

Everyone is searching for something they can’t seem to find
They want to be worthy, to prove themselves to their own kind
But the days of competition have reached their end
We are now in a new position, we have nothing more to defend
Nothing more to defend

Expand your heart and mind, in this new space you will climb
To new heights as you exit the rigid confines
Of a limited existence filled with pain, fear, and lies
Replace it with a new perspective on your life
It’s only difficult when we operate from fear
We fail to understand that what we need has always been here
The new world that we seek is not even close or near
We’ve had it all along without the eyes to see or the ears to hear

Everyone is searching for what they already own
Convinced that they are worthless, talents they fail to hone
Now let’s do away with this, let’s now find our true home
Connect with the intuition, knowledge and talent we show
Knowledge and talent we show

Let love awaken every mind and heart
For we can now all rise and come together
Each and every one of us, we can all play our part
As we join hands we will make it through any bad weather

So rise up earthly tribe, the powers can’t control our flow, we’ve arrived
On this world to bring society into the light
And as we do our work, the angels watching with a smirk
Because they know we have the power to make everything alright
Rise up everyone, our greatest work has just begun
And we can dethrone the elitists, they don’t see this, they don’t know our plan
They think that they’re infallible, but their new order’s malleable
The people are now cowards, we have power and together we will force their hand