An Unseen Force is Creating a New World – Part 1/2

Do you feel it?

Written by Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

“The old world is ending – the new world is just beginning”. – Bob Marley

A hidden spiritual power permeates the land around us, and those of us who are willing to open up to it can access and feel it. I’ve just started to tap into it, and I feel it in its strongest doses when I’m in nature.

I’ve only received an inkling of the spiritual power that flows from this land, but from what I’ve felt so far, it’s incredibly potent. I’m sure it’ll eventually uplift those who’ve been lost in unawareness for too long to really feel or understand it, and when it does, we’ll finally see how badly we’ve hurt the earth. Continue reading

Hemp: An Industrially Versatile Plant – Part 1/3


Written by Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when someone says the word ‘hemp’? For the uninformed, marijuana might immediately pop up, which could cause them to automatically shun the plant.

Almost any article you’ll find about hemp distinguishes it from marijuana, which is closely related to it but doesn’t actually have much to do with it. Unfortunately, the United States closely links hemp with marijuana by putting them in the same ‘Schedule 1’ drug category.

Even though industrial hemp doesn’t contain anywhere near enough THC (the active ingredient in marijuana) to produce any kind of ‘high’, the US government has utterly failed to distinguish it from its psychoactive counterpart. Continue reading

Look Up – A Song by Wes Annac

This is one of my latest songs, entitled ‘Look Up’. I wrote the guitar part, the bass part and the lyrics, and the drum track is prerecorded into my guitar amp. The lyrics are below the video. I hope you all enjoy it! :)


The love in your heart will see you onward
When you look up toward heaven from the ground
Jah will forever flow with you in all endeavors
As you remember all of this, you’ll admire the lights and the sounds
For everything’s eternal and limitation is illusion
Use your power of transmutation to see beyond all of your pain

For you’re beginning to learn that you are deeply rooted
In realms beyond your conscious understand
The growth and learning you’ll undergo will be as infinite as your eternal spirit
When understanding and embarking on your inner journey
I can’t express enough how liberating it feels
To kick my feet back and watch all the pain and strife and stress and fear
And know that they don’t have to disempower me
Only losers can exist in this society where the elites are the only winners
So everyone must recognize and act on our potential

How would we run this planet if given the opportunity?
Would we trash it?
Would we let the pain or the fear or the personal agendas cloud our vision?
Would we be up for the mission?
I can envision a bright future for this planet and its people
But we must all be involved

We will show the way for everyone who’s lost on this day
A renaissance of consciousness we can and will create
You seem so lost children but you can find Jah light
It lives in that sacred space in your heart waiting to be known and felt
Blissful perceptions, etheric landscapes can be known and accessed
When you find it in yourself to let the pain and the fear melt

Come and take a walk on through the portals of your own mind
You might find things, oh they are so surprising
In due time humanity will become open to all of the concepts
That have been lost through time, cast away from our minds and remain undetected
Remain rejected
We can find perception and expression of a good vibration
Unlock eternal healing, feeling, seeing in a heightened way and break deeply rooted tradition
Now we perceive reality in an expanded sense

Can you feel the static in the air, the time to awaken has come
Join hands everyone
Escape your fear and you will find that everything and everybody is one
And there’s so much work to be done
An enlightened and willing populace can work until we clean up our mess
But only when the inequality is less

Immerse yourself in anything and everything that helps you to remember a good validation
Conversing all day with a group of guides, meditation needs no invitation
You’re invited to contribute with all of yourself to a growing inner revolution
The human being is divine and this we can’t dispute so we ask you what is your contribution
To the healing of the greatest illusion
They work away to keep us slaves, we can awaken and say no way
We are far too powerful to fall for their petty games
We can communicate with angels, we convince ourselves that our connection isn’t real and life can only ever be the same
Can all of us help each other, tell me can we love one another
Feed our sisters and our brothers, balance out this crazy world
We should be active in retracting selfish acts, stop all the fracking
Natural resource drilling, killing the earth cuz we want more
Killing the earth cuz we want more

Can you feel the static in the air, the time to awaken has come
Join hands everyone
Escape your fear and you will find that everything and everybody is one
And there’s so much work to be done
An enlightened and willing populace can work until we clean up our mess
But only when the inequality is less

Who is Ra? – Part 16: The Necessity of a Third Density Experience – 2/3

Written by Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

Continued from Part 1

I think David Wilcock has said before that in order to experience any degree of negative ‘enlightenment’ from the third density, we’d have to perform so many self-serving acts that we basically become the evilest, most malevolent people around. You know, like the cabal.

I’d prefer not to describe some of the things he said we’d have to do in order to achieve this.

We’ll make things easier by choosing light and love now, and like I’ve said plenty of times before, the terms ‘light’ and ‘love’ mean more than most people give them credit for. They’re important distortions that Source created to help us progress and excel, and they aren’t the airy, new agey terms they’ve been made out to be.

Self-awareness is essential here in third density, Ra tells us. If you think about it, it’s the only reason we chose to come here. Continue reading

Who is Ra? – Part 16: The Necessity of a Third Density Experience – Part 1/3

Written by Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

In Ra’s terms, we currently exist in the third density. As we learn, grow and evolve, we’ll eventually be ‘harvested’ into the fourth density, and from there, we’ll continue our journey upward (or rather, inward) until we’re eventually back in seventh density, where complete and total unity will trump the physical and even spiritual identities we’re used to.

Third density offers some of the most intense lessons we’ll learn throughout our journey back to Source, and our stay in this density is also shorter than the densities we have yet to experience. Most of us will spend less time here in third density than we spent in the first and second, but this sphere still has a lot to teach us about ourselves and our spiritual nature.

Here, we’ll hear from Ra about third density and the densities directly beyond it. Continue reading

Ferguson: Peaceful Protests vs. Chaotic Riots

Written by Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

As most of you probably know by now, the officer who fatally shot Michael Brown (Darren Wilson) won’t face any charges, and this has obviously sparked passionate protests, rioting, etc. It’s Tuesday morning as I write this (the morning after the verdict was announced) and depending on who you listen to, things either seem optimistic or awful.

We’ve heard about some of the destructive things rioters have done, like setting fire to shops and even private residences. There’s a store in West Florissant my wife and I like to go to with family, and it’s reportedly been burned. Continue reading

Embracing the Heavenliness of Earth


Written by Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

How do we choose to see the world around us? Do we choose to abandon this planet in the name of our growing spiritual perception, or do we choose to see that it’s deeply spiritual?

A lot of people have discovered spirit and the idea that uncountable states of consciousness exist beyond our current. While this is a great thing, I don’t think we should abandon our planet in the name of our spirituality.

The last thing we want to do is distance ourselves from this beautiful earth, and unfortunately, discovering spirit can give us incentive to do exactly that.

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with focusing on the higher states of consciousness we’ll eventually grow back into, and we’d benefit from exploring these higher realms and the greater, more blissful perception that comes with them. Continue reading