The Open-Hearted, Balanced Male on The Brilliance Within – March 3, 2014

show imageNote from Wes: I was fortunate to speak along with Graham Dewyea and Steve Beckow on Graham’s new radio show, The Brilliance Within. Those of you who’ve followed my work for a long time will know that Graham was the first person to interview me.  

Our roundtable discussion about the balanced male was very helpful to my own process of attaining balance, and we hope you enjoy the show tomorrow.

Join host Graham Dewyea (former host for Heavenly Blessings and Our Galactic Family) for The Brilliance Within, a new, weekly radio program airing every Monday at 7pm ET, where he discusses and explores with guests the unfoldment and realization of our greatest potential as humans.

This week we’ll have a multi-generational, roundtable discussion with Steve Beckow, and Wes Annac, to discuss the open-hearted, balanced male.

Airs Monday at 7pm ET.

Listen live or listen to the archive:–the-open-hearted-balanced-male

The stereotypical attributes of the western male – the stoic, tough, independent man who stuffs his feelings, and tries to embody an us against them, dog-eat-dog, never-let-them-see-you-sweat world no longer works.

What does it mean to be an open-hearted, balanced male? How do we communicate? How do we access and express our feelings in a helpful way? How do we direct our power and strength for the good of all? How do we live and behave so that we can experience a peaceful, loving existence with ourselves and others? We’ll talk about vulnerability, forgiveness, and how we stay in our hearts when we experience discordant energy and conflict.

Peter, Lucas And Colin – Double Dutch Radio Show Reminder For Friday 8th November

ddlogoFriday 8 th November 2013 SHOW REMINDER – LISTEN IN.

TODAY on the the times shown here.

Friday the 8th November. is our new radio show episode, make a note and listen in! Call in with your questions!

Show starts NewYork -EDT at 6.00 am – in mainland Europe, CEST 12.00 pm – and  22.o0 pm Canberra Australia EST time.

Call in to speak with the host (646) 595-2459

Link to the radioshow

Doubledutch Radio’s weekly show with Peter Van Runt, Lucas Christiaans and Colin Kerr.

News,  “Adds” with a bit of humour and a bit of Music.

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Peter is having an interview with Rick The Rabbit Hole Man.

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Double Dutch Radio: Lucas and Wes Annac Interview for the Viewpoint in the Now – Airs Friday, November 8, 2013


I had a great time speaking yesterday on my good friend Lucas’ Double Dutch Radio show, which airs this Friday morning (November 8th). In a prerecorded interview, Lucas spoke with me for his twenty-five minute Viewpoint in the Now segment and we discussed some of the things that are happening currently in the way of transformation and expansion.

I mentioned my developing desire to lay down the metaphorical sword in regards to fighting the powers that were as I turn toward peace and wholeness, and the discussion took off from there.

I can remember Lucas mentioning that detachment from world events becomes much easier when we realize that they’re repeating themselves and going in a big circle, and we had particularly interesting discussions about meditation and much more. Continue reading

Reality of Illusion – A Song by Wes Annac

The following is a song written by me, with the ol’ acoustic guitar.



Once in every blue moon

After all of our past Lives

We all come to find our collective gloom

Fades away, away we fly

All of the prophets and the Masters

Of the past, they spread the lessons

Of harmony and compassion

Anger and greed they lessened

You too can find their impressions

And their teachings you can understand

But you must be a conduit for your

Ultimate Self


The path is arduous and long

But we find perseverance

For we’ve learned to get along

Within a reality of illusion

The tides have turned

Humanity has found

Redemption from separation, brother

We can all reflect this now

Dissolve barriers between nations


Along this path of understanding

What we’ve come here to be

We will unlock new perceptions

Extra dimensions we will meet

All of the pains and tribulations

Of the past, they are nothing

To an enlightened soul who sees

Knows and enjoys a Life brimming with peace


All of the tests you undergo

They will teach you

And they will show you

That you can truly handle

Anything and everything that comes your way

What you find now

What you breed and grow

It sprouts, the ground below it knows

That Divinity’s around, it won’t go away


Now that we know and see

Everything we can do to repair the Earth

Let’s get to work

We’ve remained blind, too complacent

Those with agendas have benefitted greatly

When they could get you to hate me


So now, come together

So we can see as One that peace will rein forever

And joy can permeate you and me

We will find heaven through harmony

Won’t you join me

My Voice – A Song by Wes Annac

This is a song I wrote, and it is intended to raise awareness of the plight of those who do not have a voice. (As goes without saying, I’m not actually singing about myself in this song.) Again, I’m only beginning to become comfortable with myself as a singer (perhaps it shows) and it will get better.


Where is my voice

Why can’t I speak?

Where is my voice

Why can’t I speak?


I’ve been accused of poverty


And my rights, they do nothing for me

For all I’ve known is prejudice, societal cleansing

And my future is about as bleak as the block on which I’m standing


Where is my hope

For something real and fair for all

This I, this I don’t know

When I see

All the hate around, passed down, passed down

It hurts

Ooh it burns deep


And I know the hate is fabricated

Separation instated, premeditated

Yet it seems so real being right, right in the middle

When there is war where there should always be peace

The cause of it can stay behind the scenes


I see we’ve been fooled

But how can I motivate you?

I’ve been labeled the fool

But you and I, we carry the jewel

And I can show you the way

But you must trust in my intentions

You must trust in my intentions


Where is my voice

Why can’t I speak?

Where is my voice

Why can’t I speak?


You, you can give me a voice

Become aware before you make the choice

Of who to trust

They feed on ignorance

Fall Far Down – A Song by Wes Annac

This is a song I wrote, and it is intended to raise awareness. Though admittedly, I’m still only beginning to become comfortable with myself as a singer. It will get better.


When we all allowed ourselves to fall far down

We sealed our fates, we walked away from this moment of Now

The time and space, it’s everywhere and changeable

The human race, was once willing and so able


And we knew

Just what we were giving up

And we knew that we would find it again

So just who

Let us go through all this destruction (Note: Lyric is supposed to be “allowed us all to fall in vibration”)

Was it them, oh no no guess again

It was us


Infinity just cannot go unrealized

When you and me begin to see through tricks of mind

The limited lense of a closed heart and employed unawareness

It blurs, it blends, makes you think what’s good is scary


But Aquarius

She will open up the mountain in due time

And everyone will heal, Love they will find

For they’ve missed us

Our cousins, they are doing fine

We’ll come to find they all were right on time

To repair our Earth

Unity in Oneness – 2012: The Age of Unity Consciousness and Oneness is Dawning

Thanks to:

[Note from Wes: I'm supporting the Unity in Oneness movement and encourage you to as well, because we will have much more of an effect on the collective subconscious than we may know by spreading these representations of unity consciousness to all those around us, in the form of the Unity in Oneness seals. You may notice the seal up here and on Aquarius Channelings, and it is a friendly representation and reminder of the collective Unity and Oneness we all wish to find. Much Love dear friends!]