Musical Wisdom: 5 Inspiring Lyrics from Conscious Reggae Songs

By Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness

Following my post, 5 Things We Can Appreciate About Rastafari, I’d like to share five snippets of inspiring lyrics from conscious reggae artists and groups.

While the purpose of reggae for most Rasta musicians is to express their faith, the topics discussed in reggae music aren’t limited to spirituality and you don’t have to be Rasta to play it. Even the reggae musicians who are Rasta don’t just sing about their faith; they also devote their lyrics to exposing injustice.

Most reggae music is filled with wisdom and good vibes, especially what was given to the world by pioneers of the genre in the sixties and seventies, and I’ll share some of that wisdom here in hopes that it inspires or encourages you. Continue reading

Searching – A Song by Wes Annac

This is a song I wrote, which I call ‘Searching’.

I consider myself a beginner musician, and I’m experimenting with writing and recording songs. I wrote (and performed) the lyrics and the guitar and bass parts, and the drumbeat I used from YouTube user Lumbeat can be found here:

The quality isn’t great, but I did my best with the equipment I have available.


The wicked souls they laugh oh as they plunder the earth
The masses blinded to their crimes, we set them free with our words
The revolutionaries of our time will spearhead the purge
Of prejudice and selfishness, rebuild the earth now we all urge
Everyone can take a stand, reclaim their deeper awareness
Now is not the time to slack off or to become careless
‘Cuz we are fighting for the truth, for justice and fairness
So come on board and don’t give up, in the long run we will win this

Everyone is searching for something they can’t seem to find
They want to be worthy, to prove themselves to their own kind
But the days of competition have reached their end
We are now in a new position, we have nothing more to defend
Nothing more to defend

Expand your heart and mind, in this new space you will climb
To new heights as you exit the rigid confines
Of a limited existence filled with pain, fear, and lies
Replace it with a new perspective on your life
It’s only difficult when we operate from fear
We fail to understand that what we need has always been here
The new world that we seek is not even close or near
We’ve had it all along without the eyes to see or the ears to hear

Everyone is searching for what they already own
Convinced that they are worthless, talents they fail to hone
Now let’s do away with this, let’s now find our true home
Connect with the intuition, knowledge and talent we show
Knowledge and talent we show

Let love awaken every mind and heart
For we can now all rise and come together
Each and every one of us, we can all play our part
As we join hands we will make it through any bad weather

So rise up earthly tribe, the powers can’t control our flow, we’ve arrived
On this world to bring society into the light
And as we do our work, the angels watching with a smirk
Because they know we have the power to make everything alright
Rise up everyone, our greatest work has just begun
And we can dethrone the elitists, they don’t see this, they don’t know our plan
They think that they’re infallible, but their new order’s malleable
The people are now cowards, we have power and together we will force their hand

Music Can Show the Way


By Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness

If you read my articles often, you probably know that I think music is one of the most spiritual things we can enjoy. I have reggae music to thank for this opinion, and I’ve always been impressed by how Rastas and other spiritual musicians impart their perspectives and philosophies into their music.

No matter how we feel about life and spirituality, if we practice music in conjunction with meditation or another form of consciousness exploration, it can help us elevate our consciousness while filling us with a sense of excitement and eternal enjoyment.

Music harnesses the sacred power of sound to help us raise our vibration, and like meditation or anything else, all it takes to get the most out of it is commitment. Not only will we get better and better if we play continuously – we’ll also increase our reception to music’s spiritual properties. Continue reading

Break Away – A Song by Wes Annac

This is a song I wrote, entitled “Break Away”. I’m a beginner musician and singer (I don’t claim to be ‘professional’ in any way), and for this song, I used a drum beat provided by YouTube user LumBeat, which can be found here: Lyrics to the song are below the video.


The people when we rise
Open up and realize
That a new way of life awaits us all
We open up
To the truth of our being
Our reason for living
Now we’ve thought we are small but we are tall
And our power
Lies in Jah Almighty
In the Most High, with love we can see
As the old paradigm crumbles and falls

We’ll be waiting in joy
As the shadow self emerges
It’s been waiting to heal
To embrace it you’re encouraged
But it’s your choice
How you want to be and live your life
But in a new world
You’ll be loved and supported

The ground
Trembles beneath my feet
The Inner Earth I will meet
As soon as my mission’s complete
We all
We all have so much to say
So much more to give away
Now children, don’t let it go to waste
For if you do
You’ll only find emptiness
Because it replaces happiness
And you know it breeds sadness

You can disconnect from
The illusion and all it’s hatred
Break away from the pain
Open your mind, exit the matrix
Discover today
That you don’t have to take part in it
You can break away
Break away now (x2)

The sounds of spirit echo all around
And we can hear it
Do not fear it brother
It is just the natural next step
Of our evolution into greater states of awareness
Revolution and free energy that we can all harness
Enlightenment is bred and cultivated
They can’t take it
When they see that we have made it, work in our own best interest
We flow on with ideas and revelations
Our eyes and ears are open
And we can know and understand that we have been lied to
About the truth of our existence
And we offer resistance
To the lies because our minds are sharpened, conscious attitude
Now how can we reach you
We wait on call for their empire to fall
No they cannot enslave us all
We are too strong and they don’t know just who they are dealing with
Cuz we are assigned with healing this

You can disconnect from
The illusion and all its hatred
Break away from the pain
Open your mind, exit the matrix
Discover today
That you don’t have to take part in it
You can break away
Break away now (x2)

Music: The Language of Spirit – Part 5

03-13-2012-musicBy Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

I don’t know about any of you, but for me, music doesn’t get really good until I play continuously. It’s a great way to uplift the spirit no matter how much we play, but to get the most out of it, it seems like we have to stay dedicated enough to keep practicing until we really feel the magic flowing from it.

I’m sure most conscious musicians who constantly play are able to harness the magic that lives in music, and don’t get me wrong – you can harness that magic either way. Like all things, however, music doesn’t seem to really come alive until we play it so much that it becomes a part of us.

Music and silence have always been sacred, inalienable parts of us, but in order to experience or understand this truth in a realer way, we have to keep exploring them. Continue reading

Music: The Language of Spirit – Part 4

03-13-2012-musicBy Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

The great thing about music is that we can practice it in whatever way works for us. We don’t have to conform to anything strict or rigid, and no matter how we prefer to play, we can embrace it and use it to elevate our consciousness, inspiring ourselves to take it as far as we can in the process.

For example – you don’t have to be a good singer to embrace music, and whether you sing or play an instrument, all you have to do is diligently practice to get the most out of it. If you aren’t confident in yourself as a singer, maybe you can pick up a guitar, a keyboard or another instrument and practice away.

Singing seems like one of the hardest talents to hone, because in my opinion, singers put themselves out there a little more than people who play instruments. Anyone who plays music obviously puts themselves out there, but singers tend to be subjected to more social pressure. Continue reading

Music: The Language of Spirit – Part 2


By Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

There’s a lot more to be said about the spiritual benefits of music than we covered in part one, and we’ll continue our discussion here. Like I said before, I think music’s spiritual value is mostly unappreciated in our society, and most of the mainstream music we’re subjected to is void of any real awareness or spirituality.

That doesn’t mean there isn’t a lot of genuine, valuable spiritual music out there, but you have to search to find it and you’ll probably be disappointed if you look for it in the mainstream.

Music was never meant to be something hollow that pleases the senses but offers little else in the way of spirituality or upliftment, and I think it’s an important helper for anyone who wants to spiritually evolve. Continue reading