About Conscious Oneness

Formerly Wes Annac’s Personal Blog, I (Wes Annac) created Conscious Oneness with the intention of providing a place for people to start talking about unity, oneness, and various other concepts that can usher us into an age of peace and prosperity.

Unity is constantly talked about and advocated while war and inequality continue to plague us, and the more movements and websites that are maintained in the name of walking our talk, the better.

People have recognized that division holds us back from progress and sustainability for centuries, and to change this world we have to start talking about how we can change it and, more importantly, put in the effort. No one person has all of the answers, and everyone’s perspective needs to be heard.

A blogger or writer can type away about unity for months, but if people don’t join the discussion, progress can’t be made. I’m confident in saying that progress will be made on this website with the willing effort of all of you out there to make it, and this is just one of many platforms for us to start talking about and cultivating unity.

On this site, you’ll find everything I’ve written since the beginning of 2012 (in the archives), as well as my most recent articles. You’ll also find the Conscious Oneness Mission Statement; a page about the importance of unity; a page about our ongoing paradigm shift; and a page for us to discuss unity and how we can realize it on the world stage.

It’s time to arise, fellow world changers, because we have a lot of work to do.

Thank you for visiting Conscious Oneness.

Wes Annac, 2013

Photo: http://www.letsgettowork.org/images/lgtw.jpg

One thought on “About Conscious Oneness

  1. Love remains against all human Laws, but the Law of miracles within ONENESS Spirit Conscience leaves behind any more need for bullies, or the bullied creation infestation disease illusion. There is a mighty river flowing through my heart of hearts, like a fountain of delight, effervescent within a coalescing effulgence, so benevolent, that magnanimity from a caring humility seems to be healing ONENESS in the Spirit of Immortal Love, foreverywhere, right smack in the bullseye, more as the Pineal of all creation’s surprise.

    “Neither victim nor victimizer be, for caretaker oft loses both itself and friend, and Duality form dulls the edge of coherent Spirit Unity.”

    Who but fear, engendered, would collect fruit like Love just to rot in the heart of another incorrigible, and what would that we be kind, would help another more, than to reflect the delight ripening on the fruit of compassion’s connection to inclusive Spirit Conscience’s acceptance? There is a mighty river of creative intelligence flowing, more like sweet nectar through my invisible heart of hearts from Love’s sweeter Ocean this morning, and I thank God for a discerning faith that grows such fruit, so I can feed another with Love to experience Peace from the tree of stillness and prayer.

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