Purging and Cleansing Update – 29 Feb 2011

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Well, what can I say. I knew that this effort would be difficult, but I had no idea the level of resistance I would meet from myself, from parts of me who thrive in the old paradigm. This is an intense learning process, and I am being exposed to behavior patterns inside of myself that have needed exposure and transmutation. I cannot say I have been able to stick to my guns every day as the temptations have been stronger than ever, but overall I am finding my way through the thick bushes of my own lower vibration-based mind.

My guides have told me many times over that even my making the clear intent to enact this change and trying with every bit of myself is bringing forth an energy that is to aide me greatly in this effort of mine. As of now it is quite difficult and I do kick myself for indulging, but each indulgence is itself a lesson and I am now finding increasingly the imbalance when continuing with said indulgence.

This perceived failure on my end will certainly not last. This is an everyday, every moment effort and if I can find it in myself to remain strong and indeed, achieve my eventual goal, I will be a much more purely tuned instrument for which our ascended guides and allies to give us all guidance through.

As always, I thank all of you for your support. Change is a’comin! :)

Much Love :)

Wes Annac



The Pleiadian High Council: The Cosmos is Written into Your DNA

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-Channeled through Wes Annac-

We of the Divine order of Ascended souls who have assigned ourselves to the Earth task for the purposes of seeing the ascension of this beautiful planet and all on Her surface who are ready through, have been honored and delighted to be able to assist so many on Earth in such ways as giving guidance and helping one in their ascension path.

We take great pleasure and Joy in this work, as we have helped many planets and souls to ascend, to remember the higher realms where nothing but Love is prevalent in one’s own feelings and emotions, and one is granted access to perceptions that are so much more intricate and complex than [those of] the mode of reality that they had themselves attuned to while inhabiting the lower realms.

Indeed, while assisting you on Earth we are learning many things and integrating lessons into our own sprit complexes which will and are aiding us in our own continual ascension processes. Ascension is an ongoing cycle and process even when inhabiting the higher realms of ‘full’ consciousness, because until one has ascended up the dimensional ladder so to speak which is comprised of many different layers and densities, one will not experience a true full, undistorted consciousness until United with our dear Mother/Father Creator in the realms of Source. Continue reading

Purging and Cleansing Update: Day One

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February 27, 2012: Day one of attempted purging

1:17 PM – This is day one and the purging has begun, and as anticipated it is difficult. Been feeling really strong urges to do exactly what I am purging myself from, which was anticipated as I knew there would be those parts of myself who want only to continue the old paradigm; and in this case ‘continuing the old paradigm’ means indulging in exactly what I wish to get away from.

The human mind and emotions are staggering when it comes to habits or addictive types of behavior. I have not been at this long and already I’ve felt and thought of a slew of rationalizations and attempted decisions which are not in alignment with what I am trying to do, and if not for the support of Brandy as well as so many sending me their Lighted energies, I may have buckled under the pressure already.

I have things that I set up for myself to do whilst involved in this purging, and much of it is centered around reading material and learning more about the higher realms from such material, as well as meditation and a general going within to find ‘highs’ and higher dimensional stimulations that are so much greater and more fulfilling than any of my current habits are able to grace me with. Continue reading

Update: A Cold-Turkey Purging of the Lower Vibrations

Over the next few days, I will be attempting to undergo a purging of the lower vibrations still prevalent inside of my spirit and body complex, per the advice of my guides. Whether we realize it or not, for most of us living in this ‘modern’ world, we are exposed to lower vibrations on a daily basis. Much of this is lower vibrational residue from lower energies that are attached to us and our spirits when we are exposed to them.

For me personally, the lower vibrations I will be attempting to purge are the ones which have been the most prevalent throughout this Life of mine and throughout many other Lives I’ve assumed on this world. The lower vibrations that continually stick themselves to me if I let them, stem from certain habits I’ve assumed during this walk-in and more than likely stem also from addictions, habits and behaviors of past Lives of mine. Continue reading

The Hathors of Earths Solar Astral Planes: Transcending Fading Densities, Ancient Extraterrestrial Contact and Encoded Messages in the Dreamscape

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-Channeled through Wes Annac-

You are progressing along your ascension paths wonderfully, and while doing so you are laying the energetic foundation for your further exposure to more pure realms of consciousness. Now that you have begun to learn through other Divine sources of energetic imprints and the power you hold through your various interactions with things which you leave your own energetic imprint on, it is time to build upon that foundation of knowledge, to let you know the significance of a cleansing, of a purging of sorts, of all of your subtle as well as your physical bodies.

This is a topic which was raised in the discussion that took place a few nights ago of your Earth time through this scribe, and we did indeed attend that ‘event’ so to speak. We in fact brought up the aspect of purging yourselves of all of your ties to and effects experienced from the lower dimensions. We brought it up because we knew that the energy behind such a message would lead our scribe as well as many of you to further question the importance of doing so, as while you know it is important for you to rid yourselves of the lower energies that have kept you binded to the lower dimensional experience, some of you do not understand fully just how powerful each and every action you commit are. Continue reading

My Collective Guides on Pyramidal Technology, Artificial Timelines and the February Cluster of Synchronistic Dates

-Channeled through Wes Annac-

Wes: In order to establish this communication with my ascended guides in an unfiltered way, I now make the decree that only beings of the highest and purest Christed consciousness be around me and within my sphere. I make the demand now for any lower entities looking to deceive, bring through lower energies or provide convincing disinformation to leave this sphere immediately or face Lighted energies, the proportions of which would serve to show your own hate and lower energies to you.

I ask each and every ascended being with me now whom I have established this connection with, to provide me with the protected and Lighted energies of your own spheres, to ensure fully that this is a sacred space filled with the Lighted, pure energies of our Source Creator.

Collective Guides: Affirmation received dear Wesley, and is being acted upon. Perhaps we should also bring up your previous affirmation, that of your energetic sphere being cleansed on a moment-to-moment basis of any and all negatively-oriented beings. We have heard and felt your demands, and with the backing and energies of our Heavenly Creator, our Source of all Creation, we act upon your requests and demands with full Lighted authority to bring forth that which you have desired. Continue reading

Questioning the Validity of Channeled Messages as we Grow Toward Higher Octaves of Consciousness

On February 7th, 2012, the Hathors of Earth’s Solar Astral Planes began to inform us of the various octaves or ‘stages’ of reality and how we are progressing along these octaves as we ascend:

“You are on a constant, ongoing cycle when it comes to integrating these energies. As you adjust and get used to the cycle you are on, with such an accelerated ascension process occurring on Gaia’s surface, you are then usually immediately exposed to the next level of consciousness, the next purity of densities to learn lessons on and to experience.”

“This entire process fits in with how you are energetically adjusted to and a part of the various octaves of reality. You move up the ‘ladder’ so to speak of each octave through your learning of lessons and your finding of Love in its various forms and in various ways.”

“At each and every juncture, the energies which are coming through you every single moment of your existence are increased by levels, by stages in purity. You spend the time [between the synchronistic dates which bring you this purer energy and the next synchronistic alignments] slowly integrating the increase in purity of the energies that Create your reality.” (1) Continue reading

What Lies Ahead for Earth and Humanity? Wes Annac Scratches the Surface

In this forecasting of events to come, I found myself speaking from both the perspective of the Galactic Federation and the perspective of us who are incarnate on Earth. When pondering why this was so, the answer came to me clearly: because I am a fully-working member of the Galactic Federation, while being incarnate here on Earth! Upon review it actually seems kind of simple. 

We have heard many times from sources of information on the coming age of prosperity and ascension, be they channeled or otherwise, that in a quick amount of our fading concept of time our lives will change in profound and dramatic ways. We have heard and read this many times, though I don’t think many of us have truly tried to realize or understand the seriousness and the trueness behind those words. Have many of us who are looking forward to the immediate period ahead of working with our Galactic brethren, have we considered all that that entails?

Have many of us put serious thought and consideration into the work we will be performing? Are we ready to pour our energies fully into the releasing of Earth from the low vibrations, on a planetary and collective scale and effort? Many souls have now stepped up and begun to reveal to us our destiny, as much as an outside source can as we must all find our own way, our own place in this world through our own inner search and discovery of ourselves, of our inner Universe of thought and conscious feeling. Continue reading

Personal Update: Struggling

[Update, about two minutes after publishing this message: Apparently, allegations against me in a comment that was posted on Aquarius Channelings which I did not allow through, have been raised that I am 'stealing art' from numerous people as well as the person who left the comment, and that I will soon find myself in the middle of a 'class-action lawsuit' as well as an IRS audit. Normally I would just let this stuff pass on by because I have no idea what this person is talking about, and I get nasty comments all of the time and am for the most part used to them. 

This person must be referring to the fact that I google search to get the pictures I post on articles and channeled messages, and I guess I should say now that IN NO WAY DO I EVER TAKE PERSONAL ARTISTIC CREDIT FOR THE PICTURES POSTED ON ANY OF MY SITES. I mean, really? Should I even have to say this? Numerous websites post pictures that they get off the internet, so it should stand to reason that damn near every site on the internet is about to find themselves in the middle of a 'class action lawsuit' (Can you sense the sarcasm?) 

Further, the person who left this comment used the opportunity to proclaim that I have been using such art theft to 'beg money out of gullible fools' and that I do not actually 'practice anything I post on these pages' 

In my opinion, this just a (barely) well thought-out attempt to smear me as well as Mr. Harader of the Galactic Free Press, as allegations were also posted against him on Aquarius Channelings (the same allegations, that he has been 'stealing art' and will face a lawsuit) 

Watch as no lawsuit ever comes, against me or against Mr. Harader. My guess is that the commenter assumed that the comments on Aquarius Channelings are not monitored and approved before they are shown and that his comment would go right on through, and that this person could get as many people as possible to believe that I am a thief in so many ways, as an attempt to smear my name and my image. 

News flash: other people have tried to smear me in better ways. Nice try though!

As of this point, I will no longer search the internet for pictures that I post and will instead be taking my own pictures to post on my articles and channeled messages through me, as the area that we Live in is quite beautiful anyway and perhaps you guys would enjoy seeing the beautiful sky and trees of this area I Live in. And worry not, there is no lawsuit and will be no lawsuit. Again, it is just an attempt to smear Will Harader and myself. The comments that were posted will not be shown on any of my sites.]

Hi all, its Wes again. Feeling the need to give a bit of a personal update, as it has been a minute since publishing any new work of mine or of the sources I (we all) are in communication with. Still struggling financially and dealing with the resulting strong depression, and have not had it in me, have not felt the right energies to be in communication with any ascended beings. It would be nothing short of completely irresponsible of me to try to channel any ascended being while feeling so low in energies, as the message would end up distorted and coming more from me than whoever I would be trying to communicate with.

I can’t say for sure when I will be back or when my energies will be restored, but again much of [the depression and lower energies] are tied in with an increasingly difficult financial situation that we cannot seem to slump out of. I could go on a big long rant about how some billionaire gets to play on a computer and magically manifest himself 200,000,000 or more dollars while so many of us struggle daily to get by, and believe me I have wanted to and kind of just did a little bit. But that doesn’t actually solve anything; griping doesn’t help a difficult situation, and in many cases only increases the difficulties.

Just letting you all know, I am still working through these lower energies and struggling with next to no money, which in itself can be quite depressing. If and only if in the next few days and weeks ahead I find myself in the right energies and of the right willpower to bring a communication through, you can bet I will be. The only reason I haven’t been is because of the aforementioned lower energies.

Thank you all so much for your support, for it is your support that has kept me going and hopefully, will continue to keep me going.

‘Till later at an undetermined time, I say Much Love :)

SanJAsKa: You are All Channeling when Feeling our Energies

-Channeled through Wes Annac-

Surrounding you now is a grave importance for you to turn inward to your ascended aspects of the infinite soul that is you for the guidance and energies needed to assist you in your ascensions. The time of looking solely toward outside sources for any aspect of the higher vibrations is fading quickly and we can feel the angst in many of you as your preferred methods of receiving what feel to be higher energies are made less and less available. Can you feel, especially lately, how you are being nudged at every step of your continuing journey to turn within and give up once and for all the lower vibrational bindings which give you the illusion of assistance with one’s spiritual path?

We have sensed the turn away from channeled messages as of late in many souls, and this is all progressing according to the Divine Plan. Most of you who are turning away from a continued reliance on channelings are now looking within and realizing for yourselves that you possess this ability to bring us and our energies through, and that the souls who are bringing us through for the benefit of the general Lightworker public in no way possess some type of special, elusive abilities that are only available to a certain few. Continue reading