A Simple Personal Philosophy

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By Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness

Despite some of the complex spiritual material I write about, my philosophy on life and spirituality is simple. I think we should all just live, love and learn to come together without fighting over our differences.

I think life would be a lot simpler if we could see beyond the differences we’ve convinced ourselves we should fight over, and the first step is to search for love and satisfaction not in our external reality, but in our hearts. Once we look deep within and find love for ourselves and the people around us, we can start working to make the world a better place. We can lead others by the example we set, and we can help them see that along with unity, an open, peaceful mind (and heart) really is possible. Continue reading

“You Want a Teacher? Try Sitting by a Waterfall…”

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By Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness

Lately, all I want to do is get out to nature. I can’t really describe the feeling that washes over you when you’re out there and you’re connected with the grass, bushes, flowers, tress, birds, insect life, etc. It’s a feeling of universal connectivity and oneness that can help you understand your place in the big picture, and for me at least, it provides an abundance of creative inspiration.

Nature gives us a feel for what it’s like to be connected with the earth on a deeper level, and depending on how often we go out there (and how quiet, in mind and spirit, we can be while we’re there), it can connect us with our higher consciousness in a more authentic way than meditating indoors. Continue reading

5 Obstacles on the Spiritual Path

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By Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness

Deciding we want to commit to the spiritual path is easy, but it can be harder to live up to our commitment. At the first sign of trouble, we could easily depart the path in favor of a lifestyle that doesn’t challenge us as much, but if we do, we’ll miss out on all of the incredible things the path has for us.

We’ll miss out on spiritual evolution and the wonders that come with it, and we’ll eventually realize we’ve taken a wrong turn. We might try to steer our ship in a more positive direction by then, but we would’ve been much further along the path if we hadn’t stopped in the first place. Continue reading

Earth History According to Ra: More on Confederation Assistance

By Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness

We left off from a discussion about the South American contacts made by the Confederation, which, like the visitations in Atlantis, ended in the distortions of the teachings that were offered and the civilization’s eventual downfall. As we learned, along with the Confederation entities who visited the South American civilization, Ra feels responsible for the damage they unintentionally caused and they’ve made it their responsibility to stick around (in fifth density) and help clear up the misunderstandings.

Now, we’ll learn some miscellaneous information about the history of the Confederation’s contacts. Let’s keep in mind that they’ve only made contact when they felt they could help the civilizations evolve or grasp the Law of One, and everything they do, they do out of service and the desire to help us complete our ascension cycle. Continue reading

Don’t Give up – We’re on a Mission

By Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness

“Saturday in the morning, and the rain keep falling.

“Brother didn’t get no sleep, now he’s really feeling beat.

“But there is no time to waste, as the devil tests his faith.

“He just walks away, on a mission to complete” – Ziggy Marley

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We have a purpose for being on this planet, and we can’t give up on ourselves or our work when times are tough. The best time to keep going is when we don’t feel like we can, and if we can be strong and persevere in even the most difficult or challenging circumstances, our accomplishments might surprise us.

We’ll quickly understand the value of patience and perseverance, because they’ll allow us to achieve things we never thought we could. They’ll enhance our creativity and our ability to stay strong in times of difficulty, and they’ll help us remember that we’ve never been alone on this journey. We have all of the guidance and support we could ever hope for, but we have to look for it within before it can help us. Continue reading

Weekly Newsletter: Stepping Up and Working Harder

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By Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness

I wrote the following for the one hundred and twenty-sixth issue of The Culture of Awareness Weekly Newsletter, which I offer for $11.11 a month.

Income from the newsletter helps my family and I get by while I offer free articles, and we could use some support right now. Every subscription is needed and appreciated, and the option to subscribe via PayPal is at the bottom of this post. If you don’t have PayPal, you can also send a check or cash each month (learn more here).

To begin for this week – I’d like to start out this week’s newsletter by making a call for everyone who’s become socially and spiritually aware to step up their game and do even more to bring the planet into the light. Anyone who’s subscribed to this newsletter (or reading this on the blog) is obviously spiritually aware, so this call is appropriate for all of you. Continue reading

The Best Teachings Live Within

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By Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness

The journey back into a higher consciousness is usually fraught with pain and hardship, but we’ll find the light at the end of the tunnel if we can persevere. If we can look to our own higher consciousness before listening to what anyone else has to say about enlightenment, spiritual evolution or anything else, we can discover the inner secrets that we shielded ourselves from as we prepared for our sojourn in these lower realms.

Often on this journey, we’ll find trusted sources of external spiritual information that help us greatly. This information might seem to validate things we’ve always felt about our existence and our journey back into ‘full’ consciousness, and by all means, we should embrace them if they help us. Even if others don’t think they’re genuine, we’ll know they are by the help they give us and we’ll have no problem walking our own unique path and letting others walk theirs. Continue reading