The Spiritualist Chronicles: Heaven is Real, but it’s Not What You Expect – Part 1/3

Written by Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

The Spiritualist Chronicles is a series of articles that feature channeled descriptions of the afterlife. Spiritualism’s a religion that thrived in the late 1800s and early to mid-1900s, and it’s commonly associated with mediums and channeling. Like anything that has to do with these subjects, you’re encouraged to use discernment.

Some Spiritualists and mediums were eventually exposed as hoaxers who used a number of tricks to convince people that the orchestrated phenomena they witnessed were real, and this is why discernment’s always necessary.

The sensible descriptions of the afterlife we’ll explore here seem to confirm that not every Spiritualist was out to trick people, however, and some of them genuinely sought to connect with disembodied sources who gave detailed information. I don’t intend to promote Spiritualism, but I’m interested in the explanations it’s offered us about life after death. Continue reading

Creating Heaven on Earth

Written by Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

I don’t think heaven is some intangible, far-off place that we should focus so heavily on that we forget to enjoy our lives right now.

I think we can create heaven right here on earth, and I, like a lot of people, want to do everything I can to raise the collective vibration and make this world heavenly.

There are a few belief systems that resonate with me, and they all preach the idea that heaven can be found and/or created on earth.

Spiritualism, which I write about but don’t practice, endorses the idea that life is a journey filled with constant lessons. It also promotes the concept of consciousness living on after the body dies. Continue reading

Progressive Oneness

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Written by Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

I think everyone around us is a reflection of our consciousness, and in order to experience lasting harmony with the people in our lives, we’ll want to recognize that they’re us in a different form. When we can see that there are no real differences between us (beyond the illusory ones we create), it should be easier to come together and heal the earth.

In order to create outer change, we’ll have to embrace changing within; aligning with the divine and using the inspiration that results to express unbridled love to everyone around us.

When we get upset with someone for something they do or say, we fail to recognize that they are us. We could just as easily say or do something that unintentionally hurts someone else, and it helps to remember that we’re all human and we’re all doing our best on this crazy rollercoaster ride we call life.

We make life harder on ourselves and the people around us when we fight over things that aren’t as important as we convince ourselves they are, and our individual disharmony manifests on the world stage in the form of tension and wars between religions and nations.

I think we’ll need to transcend the division and hatred that are so common in our society if we want to create something new, but before this can happen, we’ll have to transcend the personal demons that’ve kept us from being harmonious or even civil with people we think are different.

We’re only as divided as we let ourselves be, and unity’s achievable without conformity; without one party giving up their cherished ideals or philosophies. We’re meant to have differences in opinion and belief. It’s what makes us unique, but the problem is that we’re convinced we should fight over our differences when, in reality, they’re meant to bring us together.

It might sound contradictory, but respecting our differences is the most potent way to unite and maintain a vibration of collective peace and readiness to cease our petty fighting.

A lot of people don’t seem to love themselves enough to love the people around them, which is unfortunate. Loving ourselves is necessary to reach in our hearts and find love for others, and changing the world will probably be difficult until everyone can love themselves and, eventually, the rest of the world.

Until the rest of the world can love and respect themselves as unique fragments of Source’s consciousness, we’ll have a lot of trouble coming together in respect for our differences, which we’ve convinced ourselves we should fight over.

The world will continue to be in a state of disharmony until we can recognize our oneness, and when we can realize how important it is to go beyond advocating unity and actually become an example of it, we’ll show the rest of the world that it’s actually possible.

Love and unity will enable us to create heaven on earth, and in my opinion, becoming aware of our oneness is the first step to dissolving borders and bringing the world together.

The powers who profit from our division don’t want us to come together or strive to create a new world, and instead of rebelling or fighting them, we can raise awareness from a loving, unified standpoint and bring humanity together, thus inspiring everyone to want to see through division and hatred.

We’re all teaching each other, and in my opinion, realizing this is another important part of coming together. Since we’re one consciousness that’s individualized into different personalities, it stands to reason that we constantly help each other learn and grow, even when we don’t realize it.

People who’ve never met or have nothing in common are unknowingly teaching each other, and even when we run into a random person on the street, chances are good that the encounter will teach us something we needed to know.

When we’re aware that we’re constantly learning, it becomes easier to notice when someone in our lives (or someone random we’ve never met) is teaching us a lesson – even if it’s a difficult lesson. They might not even realize it, but our willingness to step outside of the matrix will help us see that any drama we experience is actually meant to teach us.

I’m excited to see how many people start coming together as the weeks and months roll on, and even though some people think unity and utopia are naïve, I think they’re as inevitable as the conscious revolution that’s preceding them. We’re making a bigger impact on the world than we realize, and we’re using unity and oneness to do it.

Let’s continue to be strong, work hard, and recognize that we’re only divided from the rest of the world if we let ourselves be. In doing this, we can influence everyone else to embrace unity, harmony and the idea that a positive future is possible.

It is, but nothing can be achieved without some work. In this case, the hardest part of our goal will be to love ourselves and refuse to fight with others, and this’ll be easier when we recognize that any difference between us has been an illusion all along.

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I’m a twenty-one year old writer, musician and blogger, and I created The Culture of Awareness daily news site.

The Culture of Awareness features daily spiritual and alternative news, articles I’ve written, and more. Its purpose is to awaken and uplift by providing material about the fall of the planetary elite and a new paradigm of unity and spirituality.

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Who is Ra? – Part 17: The Physical Body Enables Growth and Evolution – Part 2/2

Written by Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

Concluded from Part 1

Apparently, eating food is still necessary in fourth density.

Question: “Is the physical vehicle similar to the one in 3rd density?

“The chemical elements are not the same. However, the appearance is similar.

Question: “Is it necessary to eat food?

“This is correct.” (1)

It’s necessary because we’re meant to interact with the light-filled foods that are consumed in fourth density (which we can also consume here on earth), and it’s also necessary to teach us patience by having us stop our selfless service, which we’ll be passionate about, to eat.

Question: “This means that some kind of social catalyst, like having to work to get food, is active in 4th density. Is this correct?

“This is incorrect. The 4th density being desires to serve and the preparation of foodstuffs is extremely simple due to increased communication between entity and living foodstuff. Therefore, the work needed to acquire food is not a significant catalyst.

“But there is a catalyst involved. It is the necessity for eating the food. Eating food is not considered to be of importance to 4th density entities and therefore it aids in teaching patience.

Question: “How does it teach patience?

“To stop the functioning of service-to-others long enough to ingest food is to invoke patience.” (2)

We’ll be so passionate about helping others in fourth density that we won’t even want to stop to eat, which might seem crazy but actually makes sense.

Some seekers are so passionate about their work right now that they hardly want to stop to eat or do anything else, and I’ve had my times when I didn’t want to stop writing an article or playing music to do something like eat. We have to learn patience in fourth density, even when all we want to do is work, and this is how food helps us learn and grow.

It should also be noted that the food we’ll consume in fourth density is alive and filled with the spirit, and those of us who resonate with the importance of eating healthily can gravitate to food that’s healthy and light-filled here in third density.

It’ll help us integrate a higher vibration, and while I don’t what to preach about what kind of food we should eat, I can affirm that eating light filled-foods over foods that seem to embody the vibration of death can help us feel more centered and lively.

Healthy foods will fill us with their light, which we can use to enhance our creativity, our meditations, and plenty of other things we do to serve others and/or find a higher vibration.

Once we find harmony with each other in fourth density, Ra tells us, we’ll use our experience to help others who are lost.

“The work that is accomplished in positive 4th density is that work whereby the positive social memory complex, having through slow stages, harmoniously integrated itself, goes forth to aid those of less positive orientation which seek their aid.

“Greater and greater intensities of understanding or compassion are attained. This intensity continues until the appropriate intensity of the light may be welcomed. This is 4th density harvest.” (3)

We’re also told how an entire planet can attain ‘social memory’.

Question: “At what stage does a planet achieve social memory?”

When its entire group of entities are of one orientation or seeking. Then the group memory lost to the individuals in the roots of the tree of mind becomes known to the social complex, thus creating a social memory complex.

“When a group of mind/body/spirits becomes able to form a social memory complex, all experiences of each entity is available to the whole of the complex.” (4)

It’s probably clear that we have a long way to go before we can achieve this, but with the inspired efforts of the conscious community, more people will awaken to the necessity to come together and use our unity to bring our planet into the light.

Bringing the world together can be easier than we think, but I think something will have to happen to shake people out of their self-instated and culturally accepted slumber.

I think something significant will need to happen before humanity can awaken to the spiritual truths of our existence and the necessity to come together and save this planet from the destruction we’ve caused, but in all things, our freewill’s important.

No higher-dimensional force wants to violate our sacred freewill, and thus, nothing too big can happen that’d jar people out of their slumbers too quickly or abruptly. The game our guides play is one of subtly awakening us to various concepts we’d benefit from opening up to, but I still think some type of magnificent event will need to happen to awaken people.

Maybe it’ll have to do with exposing the corruption in our governments. Maybe it’ll have to do with extraterrestrials or spirituality. I couldn’t say for sure, but it’s clear that humanity needs to awaken in one way or another so we can harmoniously create the utopian society so many of us are ready to establish.

I think utopia is inevitable (like I’ve said before), but in order to achieve it, we’ll have to let go of the mind-centered division and rigidity that have kept us from loving and respecting one another.

I don’t think our outer differences mean as much as people assume, and in order to change the world, we’ll have to see beyond them. There’s no way around it, and a lot of people are realizing this as they awaken to the importance of unity and strive to awaken those around them to its importance.

We’ll continue to hear from Ra about fourth density in our next report, and I’m sure they’ll continue to surprise us with interesting revelations about it (and our current density). I learn something new every time I write these reports, and hopefully, you all take something valuable from them too.

Ra still has plenty of enlightening information to share with us, and if we’re receptive enough, we can open up to this information within and learn things that might surprise and amaze us.

We have to be open to learn anything significant, and when the mind’s an open and willing conduit for the knowledge of our Christ consciousness, there’s no telling what we’ll be able to do. We’re as infinite as we let ourselves be, so let’s open our minds and hearts and rediscover the infinity that’s always been there, waiting for us to realize it exists.


  1. Ra, channeled through Carla Rueckert: “The Law of One”, All four of the Law of One books can be found at the LL Research website ( in full: Thanks to Bob Childers and David Wilcock at Divine Cosmos for their ‘Law of One Study Guide’ The quotes for this article were taken from Section 3:
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I’m a twenty-one year old writer, musician and blogger, and I created The Culture of Awareness daily news site.

The Culture of Awareness features daily spiritual and alternative news, articles I’ve written, and more. Its purpose is to awaken and uplift by providing material about the fall of the planetary elite and a new paradigm of unity and spirituality.

I can also be found on Facebook (Wes Annac and The Culture of Awareness) and Twitter.

Who is Ra? – Part 17: The Physical Body Enables Growth and Evolution – Part 1/2

Written by Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

The physical body’s necessary for our evolution into higher, more refined planes of consciousness, and we inhabit it so we can live comfortably in our density and learn lessons that are necessary for us to evolve.

As Ra will tell us here, our spirits exist independent of a body, but we can’t really evolve unless we incarnate in a physical (or non-physical) temple. Inhabiting a body is necessary while we learn, grow and progress, and without one, we’d miss out on essential lessons and experiences.

As Ra will also tell us, every density up to the eighth requires a body of some sort, but I’m sure our bodies become less physical and more etheric as we continue to evolve. When we reach a higher density, we lighten our vibration and refine our physical bodies, thus adjusting them to the next realm.

As badly as some seekers want to leave their body behind and explore the higher realms, they’re necessary for our evolution. Without them, we’d be stuck in the same place, wishing we could progress or evolve in some way. Continue reading

Transcending the Ego and Finding the God-Self – Part 3/3

Written by Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

Concluded from Part 2 (Read the full article here.)

Abba Alonious tells us that the destruction of his ego was necessary so he could rebuild himself from the ground up.

“If I had not destroyed myself completely, I should not have been able to rebuild and shape myself again.” (1)

The ‘water of God’s grace’, Paramahansa Ramakrishna tells us, “cannot collect on the high mound of egotism. It runs down.” (2)

He also tells us that we won’t truly connect with Source until we renounce the self-serving ways of the ego. Continue reading

Transcending the Ego and Finding the God-Self – Part 2/3

Credit: Pinterest

Written by Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

Continued from Part 1

As Ramakrishna also tells us, the ‘I’ we’re familiar with isn’t intended to be our physical selves, but Source him/herself.

“By discriminating you will realize that what you call ‘I’ is really nothing but Atman. Reason it out. Are you the body or the flesh or something else?

“At the end you will know that you are none of these. You are free from attributes. Then you will realize that you have never been the doer of any action, that you have been free from virtue and faults alike, that you are beyond righteousness and unrighteousness.” (1) Continue reading