Q&A: Signs from Your Guides

Credit: Waynewirs

Channeled through Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness, Oversoul Teachings

You have an enormous opportunity to contribute to a wealth of positive and progressive changes to the defunct manner in which your planet functions, but to successfully utilize any opportunity, you have to be willing to pursue it with passion.

Pursuing the restoration of your planet will require many of you to put yourselves in as positive, uplifted and loving of a space as you can in every moment, and the more you practice feeling the upliftment you desire, the easier you’ll be able to call it forth at any given time.

Upliftment is missing from the minds and hearts of most of humanity and even many seekers, and to reclaim it, all you need to do is request it reenter your space and enjoy the good vibration that results. You may have to attune to this vibration to feel it in any sort of purity, but the attunement will be as easy as you allow it to be.

As long as you can let yourselves see that you truly have no more reason to stress or be in fear or apprehension of the future, everything you do in this moment of now will flow with grace and ease and you’ll eventually find that your sense of love and wholeness was restored tenfold. Continue reading

“So Much to Teach” – A Song by Wes Annac

Here, I perform a song I wrote, which I call “So Much to Teach”

I wrote the guitar part, the bass part and lyrics/vocals for this song, but the drums you’re hearing are pre-recorded into the guitar amp I’m using.

I’m not a professional singer or musician – I’m more of a beginner. I haven’t developed my voice or my musical prowess quite yet, but I’m working on it. You don’t have to like the song, but please, be respectful.

(Because of the quality, you’ll want to listen with headphones)


I can see in every direction
I still don’t know where I’m going
Can you tell me?
We try to make that potent connection
But when are we really flowing?
Everything we see we strive to master
But we still have so much to learn
Human nature

The spirit is strong
But the ego seems much stronger
We have waited so long
To be free from the strategy of divide and conquer
And now we’ve made it

We can now seek and find within ourselves
The fables and legends of our past
Even through a hardened outer shell
The changes we’re feeling now, they will last
We will come to find all our bickering
Was an aspect of the old paradigm

Now when nations can find some common ground
They’ll hear the music’s sound
It’s in the air, oh my friends it’s everywhere
But not everyone can hear
Let your heart be open and receptive
Keep an eye out for the deceptive
They’re everywhere now

Let the spirit be strong
Don’t let the ego linger
You have waited so long
To be free from the strategy of divide and conquer
And now you’ve made it

You can seek your happiness now my friends
And you can see that life is heaven
Even when your mind says frown again
You’ll see clearly when your heart is open
All your fear, worry, hate, concern, your unrest
Will melt away in all its mess

The unity and liberation of mankind are not impossible
The spiritual we can find
Community consideration of everyone’s needs and wants
Every race work with a clear goal in mind
Inner perception of our innate freedom is real for some
And the rest will follow suit, of that you can be assured now
Centered direction, what we focus our thoughts and feelings on
Breeds either freedom or enslavement until we can mature

Some have been lured into the trap of limitation
They can’t save us if we can’t even open up and save ourselves
The ego swells to new heights that are unknown, what’s wrong and right can’t be decided
If you’re crying over a mountain you made out of a molehill

The indigo and crystal children have so much to teach you and me
Can we open up to what they have to say?
A minute ago you might not have been able to believe
But your understanding and perception are sharpened on this day
Somewhere over the rainbow the conscious angels watch us go about a difficult experience
And they try to help
But we haven’t yet opened up to them
They have made their way here plenty of times in the past and now at last
Their light can be seen and known and felt by all
Old ways of living and being they fall

Q&A: Properly Educating Children

Channeled through Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness, Oversoul Teachings

One of the best pieces of advice we can offer any conscious seeker is not to allow your daily routine to drain your sense of love or positivity.

You’re on the earth to create and contribute to a wealth of important and needed changes, but you can’t do this properly if you allow your light to fizzle by adhering to strict, dull schedules that don’t fill you with nearly as much passion or wholeness as letting yourselves be free in the realest and purest sense.

The magnificent changes you’re on the earth to make will require passion and inspiration, and the more passionate you are about contributing to humanity’s ongoing conscious revolution, the more you’ll naturally get done because you’ll be excited about doing it.

Excitement and enthusiasm are more important than we could hope to express, and when you’re having difficulty finding the elated passion so many of you seek, the best thing you can do is to get out and rekindle the spark that seems to have been lost.

You’re capable of far more than you realize or give yourselves credit for, and you don’t gain anything by forcing yourselves into routines that don’t work for you. Continue reading

Q&A: Contact With ‘Silver Beings’

Credit: The Divine Balance

Channeled through Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness, Oversoul Teachings

As long as you’re unwilling to take up the creative ventures so many of you are destined to take up in this transformative time of heightened consciousness and awareness, you’ll have difficulty finding the divine flow you seek.

You can feel and access this flow at any given time, but it requires the willingness to allow your ego-driven perception and everything that comes with it to fade and be replaced with the infinite, omnipotent love of your opening and expanding hearts.

You have the opportunity to feel and radiate an increasing amount of pure love energy for the rest of humanity to absorb and benefit from, but you have to be committed to your missions if you want your work to reach the millions of other people it can potentially reach and touch their hearts in a way that inspires them to become active in raising humanity’s vibration.

You have the complete and full ability to do anything and everything your put your minds to, but the ego will do everything in its power to stop you from living up to your potential. Continue reading

Q&A: Galactic Fleets and Relationship Issues

Fleet of UFOs in the sky

Channeled through Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness, Oversoul Teachings

The more you practice channeling and the various other greater spiritual capabilities you’re beginning to discover you can hone, the stronger these abilities will become. Dedication to the channeling flow will always be important for anyone who wants to hone their ability, and this can obviously be said for any ability under the sun.

As long as you’re willing to practice your respective creative/spiritual abilities as much and as often as possible, you’ll find little difficulty utilizing them at any given time of day.

Your ability to act as clear and pure conduits for your higher selves, guides and the rest of the Company of Heaven is growing with each day that passes, and we note that your enthusiasm to contribute to your new society is growing immensely as a result.

Your creativity will lead you onward, and while we’ve mentioned this plenty of times, we repeat it so often to enforce the idea that creativity really can and will help you find your way back into the higher realms. Continue reading

Q&A: A Permanent Home and Healing Exhaustion – Part 1/2

Channeled through Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness, Oversoul Teachings

Everything you experience is necessary for your growth and development, and in order to thrive on earth, it’s essential to flow with the things that present themselves to you. You’re on the earth to create a wealth of divinely inspired change, but your ability to do this will be muddied if you resist the flow of life experience – a flow that’ll ultimately lead you back into the higher realms.

Even though we’ve given this advice a lot, going with the flow is the absolute best thing you can do for yourselves because the ego-driven tension that results when you resist this flow holds you back more than many of you think. We’ll always recommend going with the flow, and we’ll also recommend being open to anything and everything spirit offers you throughout your daily existence.

Realizing that your reality is innately spiritual; that it isn’t necessarily a concrete reality that spirit can’t be found from within, will help you in your search for the higher vibration you once joyously existed in before you made your way to the earth. Continue reading

Q&A: Detached Lightwork and ‘The Event’ – Part 1/2

Channeled through Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness, Oversoul Teachings

We’re always with you, and we’re always ready to communicate.

While we don’t recommend burning yourselves out by seeking to connect with us too often, connecting with your respective higher selves and guides at least once a day will do more good than harm. As a lot of seekers are discovering, you can fill your day with various spiritual practices if you want.

You can practice channeling every day; meditation; general lightwork; all of the creative practices that are available to you in this expansive and transformative time.

There’s so much you can be doing to raise your vibration and that of the planet around you, and we note that many of you are starting to take up the greater spiritual/creative endeavors that fill you with a sense of wholeness and a desire to help others rediscover their flowing creative abilities, which lay underneath the surface but can be accessed as if they were there your whole lives. Continue reading