From Here – A Song by Wes Annac

I’d recommend either listening without headphones or keeping them turned down. Lyrics below.

This is an original song, and I wrote the lyrics, guitar and bass parts. I’m a beginner when it comes to music, and I like to write and play as a hobby. This is one of my favorite songs to play, and I hope you enjoy it.

The drumbeat I used for this video can be found here:


We want
Every one of us
To reconnect with our essence
We’ll do
Except learn all of the lessons
‘Cuz living in this place
Can be so strange
The time we must all take
To meditate
Fire’s burning anyway
The demons they can’t stay
Try to take us all away
But we are free, we are not slaves

So why do we all tend to feel so separated
From what, we can’t even claim to know
So surreal, this place we’re living in
There is so much hate but somehow we can still learn and grow
We are reconnecting with our essence
This requires strength and grace, requires patience
Resurrecting our love and innocence
We pick up the pace, make new arrangements

Everything is cool when we are up on our cloud
How can anything go south when we’re just hanging around
No care for tomorrow, how everything will turn out
But it hurts when we fall down
If we stay aware, refuse to fall from grace
We won’t be up or down but we won’t cease to amaze
Ourselves or anyone else who watches as we play
With a new mindset, we let the scars fade away
We don’t have to try so hard to enjoy this life
All we have to do is let resistance go as we strive
To make a better world, enjoy harmony with all life
First we have to make sure we’ve found love inside
And we make things so much harder when we fail to understand
That everything would run more smoothly if we all just lent a hand
Let our music out, unchain our talent, show them all we can
Persevere beyond all odds, the world’s heart we expand

So if we work hard, awaken the world to the realities of
Everything the wicked hearts have lied about and covered up
The picture will become so clear, the structures fall we have no fear
Eruptions will be signs to our construction of something we’ve waited for all these long years
The tides will change in favor of the meek, elites will lose their power
When it seems society has finally reached the final hour
Humanity reawakens, we will love ourselves, we will have taken
Back all of our hateful acts, to have peace we will need no persuading

So let us all break the awful spell
That’s trapped our minds and kept us all so confined
It only takes the willingness to excel
To liberate the world, we’ll do it right this time
Lost prophecies revealed and secret files unsealed
Accountable the powers are held, free we all become
Transcend what we think is real so we now know and feel
On a whole new level, prosperity we finally see some

I Accept You as You Are


By Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness

I’m not bothered by who you are, where you come from, what you believe or even if you agree with the things I say.

I don’t care if you’re a Christian, Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist, Atheist, or if you’re waiting for the flying saucers. I don’t care if you consider yourself liberal or conservative, and as long as you don’t hurt others, I don’t care how you live. Continue reading

Does Enlightenment Unite Each Religion?


By Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness

Some people in the conscious community have turned their back on religion because of the ways it’s used to distort spirituality and control the masses, but others look to it for little bits of wisdom and insight.

Some have studied different religions in hopes of finding similarities between them all, and they’ve discovered that different religions are united under the common theme of enlightenment.

They’ve also discovered that the original purpose of religion was to help us understand that we are God and come closer to enlightenment as a result of this understanding, and they strive to share their knowledge with anyone who’s open to approaching religion in a less negative way. Continue reading

Anecdotal Evidence That Cannabis Treats Tinnitus, Epilepsy, Ulcerative Colitis and More

The Cannabis Writings PhotoBy Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness

This is part of The Cannabis Writings, a series of articles on the Culture of Awareness.

In previous reports, we learned how marijuana can help with conditions like depression, PTSD and insomnia. Now, we’ll look at some of the plant’s medicinal benefits from the perspective of people who’ve tried it in hopes of finding relief from relentless physical or mental illness.

While cannabis probably wouldn’t work for everyone looking to treat an illness, for some, it lessens their pain and puts them in a relaxed, euphoric state where they can meditate and forget about their troubles for a while. This has a positive long-term effect, and this is where the idea of marijuana as medicine comes in.

When someone’s health starts to noticeably improve because of daily or long-term cannabis use (especially someone who never used it before they became sick), to deprive them of it would be to deprive them of what is obviously medicine and should be taken seriously, not persecuted or mocked. Continue reading

Living with Purpose Is Challenging


By Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness

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The pursuit of a life of purpose sounds like a great and fulfilling thing, but it comes with adversity.

There will be times when it doesn’t feel so great and we’d rather quit for a while and come back to it when we’re refreshed. While there’s nothing wrong with this, it can quickly turn to laziness or avoidance of the work if we indulge it too much.

We can avoid this by understanding that the work doesn’t always feel great, and even though there will be plenty of fulfillment and satisfaction by the end, you only get there by climbing to the top of the creative mountain, so to speak.

The climb can be perilous; it can be the most challenging thing we ever do. Once we do it, however, we’ll understand that we didn’t climb the mountain to get to the top, but to enjoy the journey.

Loving what we do inspires us to keep going when we don’t feel like we’re getting anything out of it, and even when our creative well seems dry, we’ll be sure of our purpose and it won’t bother us.

If we want to get something good out of our creativity, we have to put in the work that’s required. We have to push on when we feel uninspired, and it helps to look to the Most High for love and strength.

Giving up is the easiest, and usually most preferable, thing we can do. Take it from me; I’ve given up on writing plenty of times, only to return to it and remember how much I love it. It’s been said that true creative geniuses are constantly unsure of themselves while fools are narcissistically certain about everything they do, and this is especially true for writing.

Writing is a fun way to express your thoughts and feelings while connecting with yourself on a deeper level, but to commit to it is to commit to a life of uncertainty and, oftentimes, difficulty.

Writer’s block is just as common with writing articles or books as it is with music, poetry or other forms of art, and even when the words flow, they sometimes flow at a slow pace.

Sometimes, they pour out uncontrollably and other times, the whole thing is agonizingly slow and it doesn’t feel as fulfilling. By the end of it, however, the satisfaction returns in a greater volume because you created something that wasn’t easy.

It feels great to create something in a quick, flowing way, but it feels even better to finish something you struggle with. Your genius really shines through in work that challenges you, and those who never seek rewarding challenges will never know how it feels.

Anyone who’s committed to a life of purpose will tell you that it isn’t always easy, and while well-known creative people seem to receive a lot of praise and glory, everyone has their issues and many of theirs revolve around their work.

Creative minds live and breathe for their work; it’s as important to them as their family and other personal things. To struggle with it is akin to struggling with a major life issue, but the negativity goes away when we understand that the struggle is inevitable and necessary.

The struggle helps us grow, but it’s difficult to confront the obstacles in our way when we’d rather flow. The state of flow is as valuable to the creative mind as gold to the materialistic mind, and being in the flow takes us out of the illusion of time, gives us energy and vibrancy, and nourishes the spirit.

This is why people say that writing and music are forms of meditation; after being in the state of flow for so long, we experience true harmony and peace of mind. Our vibration gradually rises, and before we know it, creativity becomes our lifeblood.

The state of flow poses numerous benefits even when we aren’t working, but those who reach this state use most of their time each day to create.

It gives us energy to take on our other responsibilities, and after being familiar with this state for a while, we’ll look forward to creating because we’ll know what it does for us and what it allows us to do for others. When it doesn’t seem to be with us, we’ll know we have to work a little harder to reclaim it.

The worst thing we can do in this case is to be upset or depressed, because we aren’t being forgotten or left behind by our higher creative consciousness; we’re being tested to see how much we love what we do and how committed we are to creating.

If we’re committed enough, we’ll keep working even when we’re uninspired and the flow seems absent because we’ll know how powerful it is and we’ll know that if we dedicatedly pursue it despite all odds, it will take us somewhere great.

A life of purpose comes with its challenges and triumphs, and despite the difficulty involved, we find fulfillment and a sense of responsibility that we enjoy from our hard work. It feels great to contribute to the consciousness movement in ways that test our creative skill, and it wouldn’t be fun or fulfilling if it weren’t challenging.

This concludes this week’s planetary healing.


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The Role of the Initiator


By Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness

I wrote the following for the one hundred and eighty-third issue of The Culture of Awareness Weekly Newsletter, which I offer for $11.11 a month.

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To begin for this week – Michael Forrester recently posted an article to Prevent Disease where he discussed the “nine types of personalities” helping to change the world.

I shared his article on the Culture of Awareness because it was significant to what we’re all doing to raise the world’s consciousness, and there’s one personality type in particular I’d like to discuss.

This is the personality of the ‘initiator’ or the doer. The doer is, well, the one who does! Continue reading

Should We Tolerate Outrageous Beliefs?



By Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness

Terence McKenna once said that rather than tolerating everyone’s beliefs, we should willingly call people out on beliefs we think are outrageous. In his eyes, to believe something despite evidence to the contrary is to halt the intellectual and spiritual evolution of society.

While he was known for criticizing mainstream science, he admired that science is a process of proving what isn’t true so we can figure out what is, which requires scientists to admit when they’re wrong about something.

With this mindset, he felt that it was appropriate and necessary to point out the flaws in outdated or scientifically invalidated beliefs. Continue reading